Chronic voice october link up prompts

Chronic Voice Prompts for the Mont You can choose min 3 prompts to all prompts)

  1. Budgeting
  2. Speeding
  3. Slowing
  4. Evaluating
  5. Escaping


At one time we had two full-time incomes. Then a lot of short term leaves later that ate up our savings I went to part-time. And now I cannot work at all. As you can imagine we have debt, we have n bills, we have a mortgage, and we need to eat. So we have to learn to budget more carefully since my income, if I ever get one, will be the lowerest income I have ever had (other that the nill right now). And I do have to find a way to buget that will work for us long-term.


I have come to the realization with this relentless dizziness and verigo symptoms I need to rest when I need to rest. I need Hardcore pacing. I understand this is a time that my body needs to recover so it needs a lot of rest. And I need to drastically slow down.


I have done endless evaluating right now about my life. What if I stay as sick as I am? How will I need to adapt. Will I ever be well enough to have the low functionality I had before? How do I find things I can do, instead of focusing on those things I just cannot do?


Here is actually a poem I wrote about that:

Poem- I dreamed

But we cannot escape from our bodies and limitations with illness. And I have acceptance about that. How I really escape is in my writing. It is escapism. It is a pain distraction. And it is a passion.

And this is the first series called the Haven Series if you want to escape into reading:
The Haven Series

Or my new series Riftword the first book can be found at a few retailers.


I am feeling good about October. I love fall. I am finishing editing a book right now. I think my doctors may find out what the cause of these vestibular symptoms is soon.

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24 thoughts on “Chronic voice prompts: Slowing, Evaluating, Escaping

  1. Thanks for joining us again, Nikki. Good to hear what you’ll be up to and have been trying to cope with, even though it sounds like a painful few months/years 😦 Chronic illness can really make you evaluate and re-evaluate your life and its purpose over and over again. I hope you manage more ‘escape time’ from pain and vertigo. Sending hugs!

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  2. Thank you for sharing your struggles so many of us can relate to. I don’t have vertigo, the tiny dizzy spells I get from debilitating chronic migraines are hard – I can’t imagine what you are going through. I am grateful for your sense of hope and pray today is a better day!

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    1. It has been really difficult because of the lower functionality than I even had before. But with chronic illness I know one thing we endure, we survive, and we adapt. So I will with this too somehow.


  3. Nikki – thank you for sharing! So many of us do need to rethink our budgets(and our lives) after our conditions set in! I just started having/realizing I’m having migraines this past year, so am still adjusting to mine(my primary condition is functional neurological disorder) – but it is so frustrating when you just don’t know when one will hit! I’m so sorry you’re dealing with vistibular issues – my sister had a lot of balance and nausea issues after her TBI and I remember seeing how tough that was on her. Gentle hugs and healing thoughts!

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    1. Vestibular difficulties are very difficult I find… but also So Draining. Like standing makes you just want to fall over. I am so sorry you are getting migraines, I wouldn’t wish those beasts on anyone.


  4. I just love your writing, and the way you do so always makes me able to relate, especially with vertigo and dizziness which is something that I live with. Thank you for sharing and will look forward to reading your next post.
    Take care
    Rhiann xx

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  5. Nikki, I love that you have such a passion for writing. I wish I had that same passion; it probably would make my blog better, but my driving force for writing is my passion for helping others, not for the pure love of writing, unfortunately.

    I think I’m going to be ordering a couple of your books for my son. He really enjoys the fantasy genre. Are they available on Amazon?

    I enjoyed reading your answers to the prompts. Sheryl always gives us something to think about, doesn’t she?


    1. If you want you boy to read a book I’d give him The Surge, which is on amazon in ebook or book. My other 6 book series does have a steamy romantic subplot in it, but if he is older that is likely fine, I mean like 17, 18

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  6. It sounds like despite all you’re going through, you’re staying optimistic about the upcoming month, and that’s awesome. I’m looking at the comments above and definitely going to check out the links you provided for your books! I really hope you get answers regarding your vertigo soon. I haven’t ever gotten them about mine, and I know how frustrating and difficult that an be.

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    1. It is extremely difficult but I have been really resilient about it. It hasn’t affected my mood. But has really affected my capacity to do things.


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