Question: My fibromyalgia treatment

Sandy asks " What medications (over-the-counter, prescription from doctor, and natural remedies/supplements/vitamins) do you use?¬†Fibro Files Blogger Questions I use different things to attack different areas for my pain management of fibromyalgia. Exercise This is important for fibromyalgia. But I am talking about the sort of exercise we can actually tolerate. Unfortunately, when I am … Continue reading Question: My fibromyalgia treatment

The neurologist appointment

So last Thursday I went for a medical review with a neurologist on behalf of my insurance company. I know I have had vestibular migraine, sporadically, since around 2009. But this, this is something constant and enduring. I am just not sure it is the same. Neither is the ENT given the difference in my … Continue reading The neurologist appointment

Question: Is fibromyalgia a disability?

The first fact I want to say about fibromyalgia and disability is that Fibromyalgia varies between person to person. Some are disabled. While some are not. But we all walk that line between barely functional and disabled through our lives with fibromyalgia. We are all limited by: fibro flares cognitive dysfunction (fibro fog) The pain … Continue reading Question: Is fibromyalgia a disability?