So there are a lot of gift ideas that would make someone with Fibromyalgia happy. Because there are times we get products we cannot use due to skin sensitivities and scent sensitivities. So I have a few ideas based on things I use with fibromyalgia that just work for me.

Top: Some great ideas for FM gifts with Christmas
Title: 10 great Christmas gifts for people with fibromyalgia
Image lower half: close up of tree ornament with gold glitter design.

Shampoo without SLS

I am going to tell you this for sure about Fibromyalgia, we have sensitivities.

I became sensitive to SLS in shampoo. It made my scalp just crawl with itchiness. There is now a good selection of shampoos that do not have SLS sulphates or parabens. I really recommend these for sensitive scalps.

Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner is a nice one for a gift.

But I personally use Live Clean which works great for me and you can’t beat the price.

And that company has body wash, and hand soap. I mean they are a good company. You could make a good basket of products in a scent someone likes. I prefer coconut myself because specific scents and fragrances can also bother me- coconut never does.

Natural soaps

Again due to sensitive skin natural soaps are a real treat and could be put together with the shampoo as a gift. I mean, usually, I use non-fragrance, sensitive skin soap. But it is so nice to have a natural soap for a treat.

I like this gift collection: O Naturals 6 piece set

Because “Plant-Based Cold Pressed Oils & Sustainable Palm Oil: Made with Cold Pressed Oils, Organic Olive Oil, All Natural, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Good for all skin types, Cruelty Free.” But also it uses Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Oatmeal, Vitamin E and Agave Nectar- so very moisturizing ingredients.

If you find a store that sells natural soaps the oatmeal ones are very good for our sensitive skin. Now for men, they do sell ones with specific scents men may like better.

Natural lotions

Now we have a total basket you can make of self-care goodies. Anyway, lotions with fragrances can irritate our skin and also the scent can give us headaches or migraine attacks.

I found one that states: “NO HARSH CHEMICALS: No silicones, parabens, dyes, fragrances, phthalates, formaldehyde, PEG, petrochemicals, nut-based ingredients, animal by-products, or harsh chemicals” and is hypoallergenic. So this one sounds great, but again you can find a lot of brands that are made like this.

Because for me with fibromyalgia I can have a lot of skin irritations, itchy skin, reactions and dry skin. I am not looking for Fragrance. I am looking for a really nice moisturizing lotion I can use, that I will not react to in any way at all, and will help with itching and dry skin issues.

This one is Puracy Hand & lotion

Again you can also look for sensitive skin oatmeal-based ones.

See post on: Health benefits of soft water for fibromyalgia sensitive skin and hair for the benefits this change made for my fibro skin issues

Pyjamas for our flare days

So on bad days, we are not moving much and we just want to be comfortable so a new pair of PJs is always welcome. I have five pairs of PJs to rotate. The more the better. All of them comfort is the top priority. Not too tight, because then I will itch my skin off and also with allodynia skin pain that can be an issue with tight clothing. I have some for winter. Some for summer. Temperature control can be an issue so for summer I need very light and airy PJs.

Check out this plaid onesie  I have never worn one before but, damn, it does look cozy

PJs have a lot of options if you know things the person is into. I mean like Star Wars PJs? Awesome. Marvel PJs? Even better. So you can get creative.

Essential oils carriers

Now you have to be careful with essential oils because some of them will bother us a lot. I personally love peppermint because it helps with nausea. So I recommend an Essential Oil Carrier that they can put their own in there. I do not recommend diffusers because too much scent is an issue. But the necklace carriers are perfect.

Mine is a tree of life one and I love it.

But there are a Lot of cool ones.

And you can even get the car ones, instead of the ones that are strongly scented you can have a plugin for the car with your own personal essential oil. If you know the scents they like, then toss them in as well.

Comfortable clothes

Sometimes our skin burns. And I mean on fire. It is called allodynia and it is horrific. And loose comfortable clothing is one of the things that is very important for that. Soft. Loose. Not tight at all, because clothes against the skin hurt, so less contact the better

This is similar to the shirt I am wearing right now but with short sleeves and this is a t-shirt I like and would recommend for loose comfort. 

Battle Balm Demon strength

This is by far my favourite pain lotion. And it is made without a lot of artificial crap. Demon strength is the strongest… and damn so great. A great gift for a man or woman with FM, I really cannot recommend it enough. The main scent is wintergreen and menthol so actually not bad at all scent-wise.

But it can often be unavailable on Amazon so my backup is the classic Tiger Balm

Heated blanket

This was one of the best gifts I got recently for Christmas. Because we have no temperature control and heat helps with pain in the winter. I go through them a lot too because I use them so much

A lot of my fibro friends also have heating pads so that is clearly also a great gift

Fuzzy socks or slippers

Again, we do get cold often. Just make sure they are soft because of the issue I mentioned before.

I sort of like these fuzzy socks  because they are unique

Colouring books

You can check out my post on the benefits of colouring. Fact is, it is really relaxing and that there is a pain distraction.

And there are so many cool ones.

This one on Myth & Magic really appeals to me based on my love of fantasy.

Or paint by numbers:

Winnie's Picks

There are a lot of specific gifts you can add for people with fibromyalgia.

  1. Avoid highly scented things and perfumes.
  2. Avoid things with a lot of artificial ingredients
  3. Avoid uncomfortable fabric or tight clothes.
  4. You can buy books that might help; meditation books or if they are trying keto maybe a recipe book or even one of the very good books about coping with pain… but avoid at all costs ‘cure’ books.

Other thoughts are meditation CDs. I had this awesome collection of pain meditations that was awesome for me. I believe it is this series here. Another idea is audiobooks for when we cannot read, like a subscription to Audible. Even tech like a new tablet we can use while we are resting. Or those large comfortable earphones that will not bother our ears. Or pain devices like the Oska Pulse or Benepod. I mean, I have a lot of ideas for fibro presents.

Review: The whole life book
Chronic Illness Christmas Book List
Christmas ideas for chronic pain

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24 thoughts on “10 Great Christmas gifts for people with fibromyalgia

      1. I am making a weighted blanket with yarn. Not that I am putting weights in it but it is a heavy yarn and it is tightly knitted. I almost have a third of it done and it weights a sold 5 pounds, made from a wool yarn so it is warm and of course, it is purple….

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I started using a knitting loom a few months ago, tried with needles and my fingers just refused to hold needles. As it is my hands and arms go to sleep every 5 minutes or so, have to have them propped up to work for very long but I am really enjoying it…

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I thought of picking up the same thing. But with my nerve damage I think it would be the same for me. And also I have hands that go numb very fast… genetic issue that runs in the family.


  1. I love this one especially the natural soaps and lotions which I already use because I have super sensitive skin, the PJs and those essential oil diffuser necklaces. I always wondered where you got them from. You totally beat me to it. Anyway I will soon post up my list of relaxing items for Christmas. What a great post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow I could not figure out why my scalp is itching all the time. Now I think I get it. Thank you for the info. I will try these types of shapoos etc. If I can afford them. I ahve been putting aloe vera on my head, it helps some. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. No worries. I really liked this post, you beat me to it. I was hoping to share it on my new blog too but the reblogging button doesn’t seem to be working. Probably because it’s a self hosted.


  2. Some great picks, Nikki. The necklaces really are very pretty (I’m a sucker for jewellery!) never tried one as I wasn’t sure what it’d be like in terms of aromatherapy but will have to reconsider getting one. Ooops, I’ve just turned this into a post for “gift ideas for yourself” 😉
    Caz xx

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