So last Thursday I went for a medical review with a neurologist on behalf of my insurance company. I know I have had vestibular migraine, sporadically, since around 2009. But this, this is something constant and enduring. I am just not sure it is the same. Neither is the ENT given the difference in my ears. So I am not even sure I will ever find out what type of vestibular disorder this Is. I only know I am being sent to a treatment plan that I dearly hope has some sort of positive effect.

The insurance company requested this meet with the neurologist because they want their own assessment. And so I think it is biased against me any way you look at it. They will pick out of his report anything that suits them. And ignore anything that implies I cannot work at the current moment.

Also I had vestibular symptoms. I felt horrible and drained and just miserable… then I also got a wicked migraine. So I don’t think I said everything I wanted to say or mentioned everything I should have.

Like I forgot to mention laying down is the best for me symptom wise. That my ears ring. That my hearing can go in and out. That I feel an ear fullness. And likely So much more. I just felt too zoned out to really answer open-ended questions. When asked about migraine meds I couldn’t think of one. But when he listed them I could definitely say yes or no with the information. But when he asked is there anything else you have done, other symptoms or anything else you would like to say… I couldn’t think through the mud.

Stuck between hope and hell

So I don’t know.

I worry about it because I have been fighting for short-term for a year now. I am tired of this constant fight for something I have no control over. The vestibular symptoms started and they just have not gone away. I can’t drive. And I just function a little bit with medication. I can’t work like this even though financially I am so screwed right now without any assistance from disability. I think they just hoped I would give in. But I can’t. In the past, I would and go back to work with all that unmanaged pain and become suicidal and have an attempt. Because what is the use of fighting a battle you can’t seem to win with evidence? It was very depressing.

And you know, this whole chronic migraine and fibro deal has always been a constant issue with me working. Always. Those alone are killer. Let alone this constant dizziness and vertigo.

And it is depressing now as well because I can’t push through it and I can’t go back to work and pretend to function. Not until the symptoms subside. And I have high hopes for the vestibular treatment in a few months. I believe it will help. The ENT sent me there for more tests and the rehabilitation because other than the vestibular migraines I have had since 2009… this is a new factor. My ears have a 45% difference. And VM is the brain, not the ears. So what is causing this? I am not sure. But it isn’t VM. It is constant and the dizziness is always there let alone when the other symptoms jump in and that is Not like vestibular migraines I have had for years. This is the longest severest bout of vestibular symptoms I have ever had in my life.

So I don’t know what they want from me. If they do not believe the ENT, then I have no idea who they will believe. Or what evidence they need. I mean it is nutbars to fight so long for short-term over something this serious.

So I have no idea if this review by this neurologist is going to do a thing to benefit me when my insurance company simply doesn’t care.

So that was my fun 2-hour long assessment. I just felt worse the longer it went on. So tired. So fuzzy. And then this killer migraine. That is my latest vertigo update. And I will be going to the vestibular clinic within a few months- 4 at most. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. I have no choice but to fight this.

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19 thoughts on “The neurologist appointment

      1. Yes and I believe there are a lot of new treatments to try for migraine now and the vestibular rehabilitation may very well help with the vertigo. So I am hoping for positive changes in the future

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  1. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed for the insurance. The not knowing is horrible. I had a similar assessment for social security disability but with a psychologist of their choosing and the result isn’t what I hoped for. But on words and upwords, now waiting for a hearing – it will be abou a year before I get a court date for it.

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    1. I just have absolutely fundamentally no trust in the system anymore. They just do not want to pay without more and more and more evidence… while I can’t pay my bills. They just want me to give up and it infuriates me

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  2. That sounds awful especially the dizziness and ringing in the ears. I know the auras from the migraines and the nausea can be worse than the severe pounding headaches that cause it. What is a vestibular migraine?
    Take care.

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    1. Vestibular migraine is where a primary migraine symptom is vertigo, dizziness, balance issues with or without migraine pain. Mine had been constant for a year now.


      1. Yeah vestibular migraines main feature is all the vertigo and vertigo related symptoms. Some don’t get migraine pain at all, but I always do.


      2. A yr. OMG.
        An ENT is saying I have a migraine issue. I have been experiencing constant dizziness for a month now and have been taken out of work. I so hope it is not what you are saying. I don’t want to be like this forever. I was hoping for a cure and reason. I sure as hell don’t want to be denied my disability as I clearly can not do my job. The more I exert myself the worse I feel.

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  3. Wow so sorry to hear about everything you have gone through. I know it can all be very frustrating and even seem hopeless at times. I say this because of my own struggle with vertigo. But I wanted to share with you that I have found some help through doing a lot of research on my own. And something that helps me keep the vertigo at bay are these simple stretching exercises using my tongue and mouth along with some other type of exercises I learned about it through this website maybe it will be helpful for you and others. It has definitely helped me that is for sure. I used to have vertigo every day for the past 2 years but when I started to do these exercises i felt the improvement literally right away. I also want to share that I read somewhere that thyme extract and even thyme essential oil help cure vertigo. I take the extract daily in organic form and it really has helped me feel so much better. I hope you finding healing and all the best!! I just wanted to share that this may help you because it certainly has helped me.

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