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I use different things to attack different areas for my pain management of fibromyalgia.

Question: My fibromyalgia treatment


This is important for fibromyalgia. But I am talking about the sort of exercise we can actually tolerate. Unfortunately, when I am working I can’t exercise due to reaching the max of my pain load from work or exceeding it. So yeah not then. But when I am on a leave, unpaid these days, I exercise to keep my activity up, for some mental clarity, and to decrease fatigue a little. At the moment, with vertigo isn’t something I am doing which means all this resting due to vestibular symptoms… well, the FM is flaring bad. Which it wouldn’t be if I could do at least some moderate exercise.


Magnesium is a great supplement with fibromyalgia. I take it with Calcium and Vitamin D. I also take regular Epsom Salt baths for an extra boost. We can be deficient in it and it can help with muscle pain. So I think it is a fundamental one.


So I take a supplement called FibroCane that has everything I need for fibromyalgia all in one pill. It has B’s, Calcium, Magnesium, C, D. As well as things such as coenzyme q10, GABA, Ginger root, Rosemary. And more. Literally, all the things I have taken separately at a greater cost, but into one.

Tramadol slow release

The pain clinic put me on Tramadol slow release 200mgs a day. For pain control of the fibromyalgia and the chronic migraines I get. I will go down on it once I have some pain management strategy in place… like some control over the migraines and a good solid exercise program I can maintain with the fibromyalgia.

Battle Balm

We all use pain rubs. And man, they are so nice. But Battle Balm is all natural and it is superior to any other pain rub I have ever used. And I have used a Lot. I use their demon strength, which is the strongest. And, damn, it is good. You can find this on Amazon so that is nice.

Oksa Pulse

This is a non-drug pain PEMF treatment device.  You don’t feel it. You just use it every day on the area you want to treat for a few times a day and in about two months or so you begin to notice a difference. I used it 6 to 7 times a day when chilling because it helps, in the beginning, to use it more and then when it helps you can reduce to 3-4. What I first actually noticed back when I began to use it was that exercise on my stationary bike wasn’t so utterly painful. My knees are always pained, so exercise just makes it Insane. So I noticed that pain when exercising was really diminished and I doubled the amount of exercise I could do.

So I use a variety of things to attack it on different angles. And they all help in their own way. But I still flare. Especially now when I am not capable of much with the vestibular issues. Means a lot of pain to control. I also do mindful meditation which I feel helps me de-stress and just get a different perspective on pain. Anyway, you have to explore and try things. See if they help… or hinder. Give them a good three months or so to really see. And then if it helps, add it to your own program. I do from time to time have to do physio due to specific areas getting mucked up, and that is just something that we deal with at times. Like I get a Lot of neck pain, especially before Botox for migraines, and that pain got so severe, all the muscles tensed up and the pain referred to my shoulder. So every time I had a migraine… I couldn’t rotate my shoulder at all. So I needed physio for six months or so. And I have physio exercises I still do to help with problem areas.

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9 thoughts on “Question: My fibromyalgia treatment

  1. Amitriptilene is what I take for the migraines. It is an old drug that had to be built up in the system but once It was in my system for a couple of weeks the migraines stopped. I get migraines from an arachnoid cyst pushing on my cerebellum. My fibro is a lot more intense when I have a flair ever since the injection in my neck that put the fluid in my arachnoid space. I have gait issues that are out of control when I flair now, can hardly walk. Thanks for the information, I will discuss with my doc next month and see what he says. Prayers for a pain free day❣️

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    1. I am glad you ave something that helps with the migraines. I have tried too many things without a result for them. But with fibromyalgia, well, it is worse than it used to be for sure which is why I do different things to manage it.

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      1. I still get spikes of pain, from Trigeminal Neurologia pain but they just debilitate me for a few minutes, thank goodness. They used to just be on my left side up my jaw and eye, now they are on the right side of my brain…. I am one big hot mess, just like you.

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      2. What a pair, eh? Well we can hope for better treatments in the future. I for one, for the migraines, want to try Aimovig but I have to get an appointment with a neuro

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  2. Last Fall, I was on muscle relaxants and pain pills that did more damage than good. I went off all of them after doing research and starting taking aceytl l carnitine…helps tremendously with the fibro fog and most of the other symptoms. The research says up to 3,000mg has been known to help with fibro symptoms.

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