Top posts of 2018

Fibromyalgia: costochondritis: Was the top post of the year!   ┬áThe top five after: The 'What the what' Fibromyalgia flare Chronic illness: 'You're faking it' Chronic illness and the art of pacing Survival mode is not meant to be lived in Guilty of being chronically ill   Top old post checked out: Brain grey matter … Continue reading Top posts of 2018

My Migraine treatment

Okay, so obviously if your migraines become chronic they will have you trying all sorts of preventatives. I did. They never worked. And I was told I am not responsive to medication. I do Botox which seems to help... slightly? And I was on slow release tramadol... which did help a lot. Some migraine-free days … Continue reading My Migraine treatment

Looking into 2019: goals and treatment

To check out my cruddy year:┬áChronic illness 2018 yearly review But this about looking forward. So it was not the best year. I got more ill with this lingering vestibular condition that really had been a massive drain on my energy and the symptoms make it hard to function. It is a good idea I … Continue reading Looking into 2019: goals and treatment