So I have been off work since the vestibular symptoms got severe on Dec 9 of last year. They declined me. I appealed. They declined. I appealed. I saw the ENT and did the diagnostic tests. That didn’t seem to work. So they sent me to a neurologist that I had not seen before for an independent review of my health.

I was worried about it because I was all spacy and I forgot to mention things and the neuro exam portion whipped up the worst migraine which made me feel even worse. But he was nice, polite, and through. I just wish I could have had someone in there to help me with not being able to think well, but I had to do it alone. So I worried about it… a lot. Because it basically was the clincher on whether I was declined again.

I just got a call on the 4th that it has been approved. And that he has some recommendations for my doctor so they told me to see her soon so she can do whatever things he recommends. I am not sure what he is recommending. Unless my results were screwy on the neurological test. Or maybe he will recommend physio or something for the pain issue I have. Not sure.

The insurance lady asked if I had done long-term yet and I saw our company site said I had to wait for short-term until I could apply. So she is sending it priority mail for me to get filled out as soon as possible and sending their information to them.

I have no clue what that neurologist said to them in his report but suddenly they believe me. It seemed like they wouldn’t believe me, my doc, or the ENT. And I am not sure why that is. Other than as someone with multiple issues… I am not good for insurance companies. They do not do well with chronic illnesses. More short-term issues.

So finally some income is going to come in. Finally. This will hopefully get me by until long-term is approved. My mom has helped me get by but I need an income. It isn’t fair to her that she had to help her grown daughter with bills because short-term took a year. I love her for it. I mean she is the one person I know in this world that has my back. Anyway I need long-term so I can then deal with my debt in a way so I can live based on the income I Make and not what I Made before. In order to do that I need some stable income and long-term will help with that aspect. I have a plan of action but I have to wait for that.

Maybe it won’t be so much of a fight now? With all the evidence they now have and are sending to long term? I don’t know. If it is a fight I have to fight it because I can’t work at all right now. Or drive. Or walk without a cane when I leave the house. In the house, I use the walls for balance, but on some days I use the cane if it is really bad.

I am very happy this battle is done. Very happy. But I have been in a poor mood lately for just life situations. Really got hit in the feels in not a good way. Sometimes life kicks you in the balls. And your health responds by going nutbars. So this hasn’t sunk in yet. This good thing. Instead, I feel like a ball of suck. And if feels like life never gives me a break, you know? One thing after another. I just want to be at peace with myself and my world. Just have some calmness for once. But that seems to be asking too much. So while this will help with financial insecurity until the long-term is processed I have other life issues to deal with and process. And those are Also stressful in a different way.

Sort of bummed that I am not in the holiday spirit anymore. I was. Because Christmas is my favourite time of year. But not right now. Sort of got bumped out of it. But I know I have the resiliency to deal with anything that comes my way, and has come my way, because chronic illness teaches us to survive… no matter what.

But I am happy that they have finally come to a decision in my favour. I just wish it had not taken this long. The stress of the financial issues have been a great stressor for me and my spouse.

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