Okay, so obviously if your migraines become chronic they will have you trying all sorts of preventatives. I did. They never worked. And I was told I am not responsive to medication. I do Botox which seems to help… slightly? And I was on slow release tramadol… which did help a lot. Some migraine-free days and less pain intensity. Then they took me off of them and I am back to daily intense migraines. What is a girl to do? I don’t want that hell again, eh?

My migraine treatment

So when I cannot take a triptan (that is only for 2 days out of 7 migraine days) instead I do this:


I have my IceKap which covers your whole head in soothing ice-ness. And when that runs out I have two other ice packs I will use. Ice therapy can reduce migraine intensity if you utilize it for more than 20 minutes. But sometimes it isn’t sufficient. Other times you can get at least some reduction in intensity, which is a boon any way you look at it. I am wearing mine right now.

Ginger Tea

So nausea is a major issue with me right now due to migraines and due to persistent vestibular symptoms. I start the day with ginger tea. Or Gin Gins, which are ginger candies. Keep in mind ginger is not only good for nausea, but it also can help with the migraine itself. So I prefer it over my peppermint tea, which I also use for nausea (along with Gravol and Zofran). Let’s face it, nausea can be horrible. I mean, extremely bad. I have lost a lot of weight due to it before. It can be a real problem and I have a hard time suppressing it enough to eat, so ginger tea in the morning is the first step in that process, then meds before meals.

More about nausea

So yes, I do try peppermint tea as well. But another great idea is this essential oil diffuser necklace I have that I put peppermint in. Because the scent is soothing and helps with nausea. Again, this is a major problem for me so attacking it on different fronts is all I can do.

This is the type I have… and there are so many available. The difference is mine is a tree of life image on it. I use this a lot. I use it to go out. I am using it now. It is just a good accessory that can help with nausea management.

CBD cream

I am giving a CBD cream a go. And actually may try an external CBD oil as well. I will write a post on how it helps or doesn’t help. So far it seems to calm things down if I put it on in that pre-migraine stage. I mean, my migraines have been so brutal and daily but when I gave it a go in the pre-migraine stage on Christmas (This was a gift from my mom), well that migraine never came to fulfillment. It tried to later and I used it again and again suppressed. But that is one migraine so not much of a trial yet. Certainly, I am trying it today as well, as soon as I got up because I was already in migraine mode. So we will see if it can suppress the pain a bit when in full migraine mode. I sort of feel like slathering it all over my body due to FM. I am also trying it on allodynia from the fibro to see if it can work on that very severe skin pain.


I use Fl-41 specs like Axion Optics for my usual photophobia with migraines because they help control the photophobia. The less light exposure we have, the worse photophobia can get. And I am wearing a pair at this precise moment to deal with the computer screen.

But there are times, where I have actually put my sunglasses on in the house. And there are times, man, when only complete darkness helps with the severity of the migraine and the light sensitivity. And quiet. Need quiet. So darkness and quietness are tools we do have to use sometimes. I am not one to hide in my bedroom all day due to migraines, because I would always be in there. So I do get into the living room…. and to the couch. I know. I know. Victory is mine! I made it to the couch! But sometimes that is a massive achievement. And on days when the severity is up there, no lights, and curtains closed. And sometimes the couch blanket over my head.

Meditation and relaxation breathing

Okay, so full-blown epic migraine and you will not be able to meditate. I tried. It is like saturating yourself in painness. Like bathing in the pain. Meditation is for low pain or before bed. Relaxation breathing though can help you relax to insane tension that comes with a migraine and help you breathe through it when nothing else can be done. Just get through it.

And that is what I have been trying to do to manage these daily migraines. Also Epsom salt baths and vitamins, for daily use. I have no idea if they make a difference, but I take them because they could. So magnesium and a B complex are the main two for my migraines.

So sometimes you can reduce intensity, which makes a major difference. And sometimes nothing you do or try works a damn bit and we just have to rest and get through it. But we gotta do what we gotta do for the hope of some management. I would love to take a triptan every day. But we can’t due to rebound risk. So we need to try all sorts of things that may help. And combine them as needed.

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9 thoughts on “My Migraine treatment

  1. It’s so hard to find ways around migraines when you can’t take meds or they’re not effective. I like your med-alternative suggestions, and these things can help on odd days even if just to make things a little more tolerable and to take the edge off the awfulness. xx

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  2. Nikki – have you tried Trezix? It’s a combo drug of caffeine, acetaminophen, and dihydrocodiene. I had been using triptans for 15 years with no issues (since Imitrex injectable first hit the market), and they suddenly started causing horrific side effects, and I can no longer use them. My neurologist put me on Trezix and they’ve been a lifesaver. Not for my everyday migraine attacks, but they help 3-4 days a week for the big ones. And virtually no side effects for me. They come in generic form, but make sure your pharmacist doesn’t use an Indian pharma company, as their quality control isn’t good.

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  3. I just came across your blog post in the chronic illness bloggers facebook group. And I loved this post. I’ve had chronic migraines for about 15 years now, one of my handful of chronic illnesses. But one of my most problematic ones right now. Recently, I’ve been getting botox treatment-I just had my second round a couple weeks ago. Jury is still out on how much it is working, I’ve noticed a slight difference in duration and pain level but not in frequency. But maybe this second round will work…we shall see.
    I do use a migraine hat which is similar to the icekap and that you mentioned. Put my head on ice for awhile….that helps. Always looking for new things to try though! Have a happy and relaxing new year!
    Stay well,

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    1. Botox took a good three rounds for me to notice anything intensity or frequency wise, which can be the case. So if not this one, next one should tell you for sure whether it is working or not. Its not bad for me, just not Much


  4. Nikki, you and I seem to have the same migraines and I have tried a lot of the things you mention with varying degrees of success. I have not tried the diffuser necklace, though I have seen them at our local health food store. I will look at them next time we go for gluten-free bread! Wishing you a less painful 2019!

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      1. No, peppermint would be great. I can get nausea anywhere (like right now). I use peppermint in my diffuser but it would be great to have it handy. I have seen the tree of life ones.

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