“I have a new symptom. How do I know it is Fibromyalgia or not?”

Is it fibromyalgia or something else


Here is the thing with that. Not everything is fibromyalgia

I had this intense fatigue, pain, heart irregularities and was gaining weight. And I thought it was all fibromyalgia. But my doctor at the time took the time to look deeper. And it was hypothyroidism. Symptoms have to be investigated because comorbids can crop up all the time. We can think it within the range of normal, just on the lower side, but it may indicate something altogether different.

And sometimes it is and it is peculiar

Like I had this back pain with saddle area paresthesia that was severe and even began to cause numbness. My doctor, right thought, it sounded like spinal stenosis, and she did three MRIs. But it wasn’t. It did last for two to three years and then just went away

Fibromyalgia mucks about with the nervous symptom and we can get a lot of weird symptoms. Like Allodynia which can be excruciating burning skin pain. And like I stated above some severe episodes of paresthesia. And a host of bizarre symptoms that do not seem connected at all. I always wonder about pain. Is this pain fibromyalgia? Or arthritis? Or something else?

We have to go to the doctor

So we have to mention it to our doctor. We have to let them investigate because Fibromyalgia can come with a lot of comorbids. I have hypothyroidism, depression, and migraine all of which are comorbids. We just do not know.

The main problem with this is when we have a bad doctor. And then every time we mention something ‘it is fibromyalgia’. Like a doctor, I had who said my nerve damage must be fibromyalgia or migraines. And it was actual nerve damage that didn’t get diagnosed until I saw my neurologist six months later. And if they brush you off then you have to find a new doctor. Unless they investigate, then they do not know. And some symptoms that are new to us can be freaky and should be looked at not brushed off.

Now I have multiple health conditions to manage with my doctor so it is hard to mention all the weirdness going on. She gives me a ‘look’ when I finally mention a symptom six months later. It can be hard to mention all we need to mention in short apt. I like to write down what I need to mention. And mention at least two to three things per appointment. And wait for others the next go around.

I have been known to ignore things for a very long time. Just thinking other things are far more important like this vestibular disorder I have now. I want some control over that and it just seems to get worse. So, yeah, I forget to mention the little things. And little things are like clues to a doctor because they are like detectives. Those little things could indicate something to them even big things. Or something they can treat.

So maybe it is fibromyalgia and needs some specific attention. Or maybe it is not and needs different attention. Either way, we have to mention these things.

Lingering doubts

There are times when we think it isn’t fibromyalgia at all but something undiagnosed and potentially worse if not managed. We all have these lingering doubts because symptom wise fibromyalgia mimics a lot of other conditions. And if you need to you can get your doctor to investigate more. Dig further. Because people do get misdiagnosed when doctors assume instead of doing a thorough investigation of the possibilities. Or symptoms were not as severe at the time and it is missed but new, different, or worsening symptoms can make you want those things looked at again. Better that than worrying. Nevertheless, we must persist with our fibromyalgia treatment protocols because until otherwise told it has to be managed. And it is a difficult beast to manage.

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