Spring cleaning

You know I haven't been able to really clean much at all with this vestibular disorder along with the relentless migraines and fibromyalgia. And I do not mind as long as it is decent. But due to financial issues, we are selling our house and also looking for something smaller and easier to manage for … Continue reading Spring cleaning

Game plan: Migraines

I watched the vertigo and dizziness lecture on the Migraine Summit.  (I believe you can still watch this particular one today but it will be closing soon as they only stay open a day after) And it was fascinating. After listening to it I can be fairly certain this issue I have is vestibular migraine … Continue reading Game plan: Migraines

Fibromyalgia and sensory sensitivity

This is a difficult article to write because I also have chronic migraine, which as one imagines comes with a lot of overload of the senses. Migraines are actually pretty comorbid with fibromyalgia. Anyway, that means I have to limit this piece to fibromyalgia over sensitivity symptoms. And there is, naturally, overlap. Much like a … Continue reading Fibromyalgia and sensory sensitivity