Now every migraine person is different. And each migraine is a new exciting adventure of ‘what symptoms will load on me today’? But all of this list applies to me, so I am sure some of it is relatable because at one time or another our migraines go haywire with new and surprising symptoms. I have chronic migraine with aura and migraine associated vertigo and persistent migraine aura. So loads of weirdness to go around.

You know you have a migraine when...

So… you know you have a migraine when…

  1. The sound of two plates touching makes your ears tremble in pain. Literally like you feel a spike in the eardrum. Why put away the dishes so Loudly, for all that is holy, gently, ever so carefully put them away or wrap them in bubble wrap.
  2. When the sun hits your eyes like a big pizza pie… that’s a migraine. Otherwise known as hide under the blankets, with the lights off, and sunglasses on.
  3. When you are so nauseated all day and try to eat ONE THING… and your stomach immediate and violently rebels with this whole get nutrition idea.
  4. When you are so fatigued you have to drag your own weight through the day.
  5. When meant to say “hey, how are you?” and you actually say “Hey, today is poo.” Then you have a problem concentrating, communicating, and understanding the communication of others. Otherwise known as WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING!
  6. Allodynia. Otherwise known as my flesh is on fire. So if you get it on your scalp, which is typical to migraine, and literally your hair hurts when you wash it it goes like this. *scrub. Scrubby Scrub* AhhhhhHHHHHHHH!!!!! Release. Ah. *Scrub* AhhhhHHHHHHhh!!!!
  7. Vertigo. Earthquake! I’m falling! Oh, wait no I’m not. Falling! Nope. Falling! What the actual hell.
  8. When you get up in the morning with a migraine and hide back under the covers. Well, this day is done.
  9. When is it a migraine aura… or a ghost? Yeah, just my brain misfiring, right? But, oh, the pretty sparkles.
  10. When the pain is either Severe, Epic, or Legendary.

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11 thoughts on “You know you have a migraine when…

  1. Having migraines is like having a drum banging in your head. It’s when you want to pull out your brain because the pain is too much. The feeling of nausea and the squeezing of your head like someone placed a rubber band around it is horrible. Migraines are hard to deal with, they stop you from doing everyday normal things…

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  2. Love your writing! Migraines are brutal, only those who suffer know the magnitude of the pain. Aspirin just doesn’t cut it to all of those folks out there. A migraine is NOT just a HEADACHE!!!. I hate when you go to the ER with your 9-day migraine begging for any kind of relief and you are put at the lowest priority.

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    1. Oh yeah, allodynia can occur with migraine, and often with us it is on the scalp which definitely makes you feel like your hair hurts due to the scalp sensitivity. I get this from FM as well, but that is typically on my arms or back.


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