Spring cleaning

You know I haven’t been able to really clean much at all with this vestibular disorder along with the relentless migraines and fibromyalgia. And I do not mind as long as it is decent. But due to financial issues, we are selling our house and also looking for something smaller and easier to manage for a new place. Likely a condo. And this isn’t a surprise. We have debt that came from me being ill and not being paid by short term and we have the normal debt accumulation from previously working two full-time jobs… and now I am part time and right at this moment not even able to do that. So we need to clear some debt in order to budget for the life I have Now not the life I Had.

Spring cleaning with chronic illness

But this means a lot of Spring cleaning. And over the last month, I have slowly done the best I can given everything makes the vertigo worse and requires a long rest after. And there are literally thousands of things to do. It is so nasty because doing too much not only makes me sicker that day but the next day on which I also do too much. Which had led to some vomiting from the vertigo and a couple falls from the resulting external vertigo. This is just to make the house look Presentable. Not like super clean. Which I would love to be able to do, but I just can’t.

And when, and if, we sell I will be:

  • Getting a company to steam clean
  • Get someone to come in and do all the walls and a deeper clean on the house once it is empty.

Because sometimes, man, we need help. And I need help. I refuse to leave this place worse than I got it. I want it to be move-in ready for the family that buys it. And this entire month? I barely scratched the surface. Which was sort of defeating really. Even though I wanted to do some of the serious work myself, I was only capable of the basics. Slowly. And a lot of rest. A Lot of rest. That is why I gave myself the entire month. And then things get messy again and I scream.

But it is Cleaner than it was. So that is something. And de-cluttered somewhat. And personal pictures taken down. So I have done all that I literally can at this point. And that will have to be good enough. I just can’t handle any more of these severe symptoms.

So what do I have of note about this adventure for your Spring Cleaning?

  • Slow and steady wins the race
  • Pick One thing a day that you want to do.
  • If you can’t do it all at once, that One thing, then take frequent breaks.
  • Do not overdo it because, yeah, that really sucks when we pay for it
  • Account for the fact some days you can’t do anything. And you don’t need to every day for cleaning those things neglected over the winter anyway. Or for longer in my case. Anyway, bad days happen. And I didn’t clean every day of the week for sure.
  • If you can, get some help if you want to do more than you are capable of.

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  1. Ugh moving sucks! I just moved back into my parents house in November, had to get rid of so much. It’s so stressful! I wish you all the luck in the world that this goes smoothly for you!!!

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    1. I sure hope so. Market is really soft here so the sale might take a long time. If we can even get the price we need. Then the decluttering and moving… and hire people to clean. It is such a stressful thing. All of it. So I hope it goes well.


  2. Hi Nikki x I wish you could take a trip over to my home, wow you would feel so much better about yours xx Just the amount of thought that you have for the next family is wonderful…most wouldn’t even think about it. Take it step by step, your health is way more important. I wish you all the very best in your new home.

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