So we get new doctors and specialists we have to see all the time. And we have to fill out forms about a lot of crap when we do. Don’t you think we should have one for Them? I mean, some doctors are awesome. My doctor is awesome. But some not so much, eh? And wouldn’t you like to know the moment you meet them which one they are? Why waste our time?

10 questions for new doctors

Here is what it would look like

Question 1:

Are you a bit of a dick? Or even dickish? And why.

Question 2:

Are you a condescending or patronizing prick? Explain how that is working for you.

Question 3:

When someone tells you something important do you actually listen to the words they say? Or just pretend to and then say something totally contrary to what they literally just told you?

Question 4:

When someone talks do you immediately cut them off to tell them what they are thinking or feeling or should be thinking or feeling?

Question 5:

When you have a complex problem do you assume you have to answer without doing any actual investigation? (aka. Someone has fibromyalgia, therefore, All the symptoms and issues are fibromyalgia)

Question 6:

Do you automatically assume you know more about a health condition that the person who has actually experienced it for 20 years? (we get it. You are a doctor, you know shit. But, hey, I do more research about my health than you have time for every single condition out there.)

Question 7:

If your patient recommends something, like a medication, do you poo poo the fact they actually have read about their condition?

Question 8:

When someone is unwell do you brush it off as ‘In their head’, ‘just’ depression or ‘just’ anxiety? (Oh we may have depression. We may have anxiety as well. But to say everything we are experiencing mental illness with all our symptoms without doing anything is rather insulting)

Question 9:

Are you so violently afraid of opiates you would let someone exist in endless torment? And also, would you do that to your loved ones or pets? Or do you just not believe they are Really in that much pain?

Question 10:

Do you think you are a god? And, if so, what sort of god? The I am better than everyone god or the, hey, I can literally do miracles god?

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8 thoughts on “10 questions for new doctors

  1. Brilliant! I can hear your anger. So many doctors I have been to over the years I should have asked these questions and saved myself a lot of time. Thanks for supporting Fibro Friday every week and flying the flag of Fibromyalgia awareness.

    Liked by 1 person

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