So I am going to have some financial hardships for a bit, more so than the usual financial hardships associated with being on disability. My spouse was laid off. So that is the impulse for this post. I was thinking I will post all the ways you can help me with income on my blog, if you can, or so desire. No pressure of course. Just suggestions. I have a few options you can check out including some of my favourite Amazon purchases (just a wee bit of them). And as always I use these, I like them, but everyone is different.


I affiliate with a few companies of products I use and have reviewed. Oska Pulse, Winnie’s Picks, and Amazon. I have another one coming up which will be awesome because it is a good company for those of us that need flexible work or work from home. Anyway, I choose to affiliate with products I personally like and use.

Winnie’s Picks: Is a Pain by Number my spouse and I use to relax and de-stress

winnies picks mart

Oska Pulse: This is a non-drug device used for inflammation and pain utilizing PEMF technology. Details on the tech

Support my blog

This is just a way you can straight up support my writing if you desire. Just a pat on the back for a job well done, if you think I have done a job well done, of course.

You can support my blog by buying me a virtual coffee for 3 dollars

Buy Me a Coffee at

I also write fiction and have a Patreon account you can support for a buck a month

Buy my book:

So this book is a chronic pain humour book. About all those facets of chronic pain we deal with but a lot of snark.

The Chronic Pain Manual: The really, real manual on pain


Also in print- Which is the format it was designed for. It is a coffee table book.

It will be available on Kobo, Apple, and Barnes&Noble as well. As well as some other miscellaneous sites in ebook format if you so desire (cheaper for sure). You can check the link HERE to see options.

Or buy some other products for my Amazon affiliate

TheraSpecs migraine glasses Haven style

These have the Fl-41 tint to them that helps with photosensitivity, working on computers, fluorescent lights. I love them and have three pairs, but this style is my favourite.

I have used this product and it definitely helped me stay organized.

The Whole Health Life book: I loved this book. It has researched but isn’t bogged down with it and it was fascinating.

The subtle art of not giving a f*ck book: I just read this and it was great. I will likely pick up his next one as well. The next one is Everything is F*cked, a book of hope.

Or you can check out my fantasy fiction books as well under my pen name Lily Hamilton

17 thoughts on “Me sponsored post: stuff I use

  1. Just ordered the Whole Health Life, along with my $100 order on Amazon. (Having 2 large breed dogs make this a healthy bill a couple times a month!) I hope you see some cash back as I clicked in through your link! This book looks Fabulous! I’m ready to look at some new ideas😊💫

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  2. I’m so sorry about your spouse. That must be really tough, for both of you. I’m finding finances incredibly difficult too and now I’m trying, but failing miserably, to earn a little online with writing. Claiming disability made me feel awful and I had such a minimal amount that it was pointless for how crap it made me feel. I’m now flying by the seat of my pants, so to speak. It’s damn hard, so I really do feel for you, Nikki. Are there any self-employed things from home you could try, like with writing, that you can do alongside claiming disability? Posts to recommend products are a good idea.I’ll share this over on social media now.
    Caz xx

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    1. I could do freelance writing as I have before. Just that I can’t think well or stick to a deadline at the moment. I am trying to get a new fiction book up and ready to publish… so that may help some

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  3. Can you get credit for any other Theraspecs or just this style? I want to try them, but need the wear overs.
    I’m ordering the IceKap today…I’m so miserable, just need to measure my head.
    I bought your book already.

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