I exceeded my limits a couple of days ago.

I helped my dad move with my spouse. My dad is also disabled. I am disabled. Not much we could do really although, damn it all, we tried. So a lot of the work was done by my spouse. Which made me feel bad so I kept at it and kept at it. Until he saw me struggling up the stairs at a crawl and told me to sit my ass down. And down I sat. And I didn’t follow my own advice. No pacing. Not watching my limits and staying within them. Nope and nope. So the fact the pain just got Insane really is on me. Not my spouse who insisted I stop long before I did. It was two hours of activity. And ten minutes can drain me from the dizziness alone. I did slam into a lot of walls and almost fell down the damn stairs… because dizziness does not like Things. At all. Ever. And I had to double my max dose of meds to get through the day.

Chronic pain: Limits, pacing, and recovery

This resulted in:

  • Severe arch foot pain (it has been really hurting lately in the mornings) and this aggravated the fuck out of it.
  • Severe knee pain. Stairs are my nemesis with my bad knees. Like to the point where they start to really, really get weak… and you know they will collapse if you do not Stop What You Are Doing.
  • Back pain… like I had twisted it funny
  • Elbow pain, they are double jointed, so just from lifting things.
  • Severe ribcage pain… because that has been bad lately and moving, twisting and lifting did not help it one bit.
  • And well let’s just say the dizziness got so severe I was having a hard time walking and thinking and vertigo resulted. It was a long night with that being that severe. Dazed and confused too… when it gets really bad I totally zone out.
  • The migraine I started with really went up to a boil

So I failed the Art of Pacing. 

And I knew it. And I knew I would likely take days to recover as a consequence.

So here is what I did to improve the pace of my recovery:

That day when we were done I:

  1. Drank two beers to relax, also helps me sleep. Also I felt like them after all that effort. I earned that relaxation. lol
  2. Had an Epsom salt bath and really soaked
  3. Took two painkillers (of a script I still have some of but am not on really. Just use for severe pain days)
  4. Used my best pain rub on the severe spots
  5. Rested for the remainder of the night
  6. Ensured I had a solid sleep… I was drained. This was Not a challenge.
  7. Drank a lot of water. At least 3 to 4 bottles
  8. Put on my IceKap for the migraine
  9. Had more magnesium, D, and calcium before bed

The next day:

  1. In the morning I was very sore so I took my vitamins… the magnesium, D, and Calcium.
  2. I took two good naps during the morning
  3. I made sure I drank a lot of water
  4. Applied my pain rubs on the worst spots again
  5. Smoked a couple puffs off a joint at the first sign of a migraine
  6. Took a brief walk with my mom to loosen some of the stiffness up
  7. Did some mild stretches a few times during the course of the day.

And the pain went from a 7 down to a 5 down to a 4 by last night. In fact, it was a very good pain day since that is backwards. Usually, pain increases as the night goes on. As does dizziness and vertigo (which have and do always). I got no real migraine after I treated it with a few puffs off a joint. I had some muscle soreness which is rather expected from unusual activity. And the ribcage pain and foot is my main pain today but being managed by my anti-inflammatory cream from the doc.

It could have been a week-long recovery. And I have no idea if everything I did saved me from that or I was just rather lucky. I mean today I was very fatigued which is why I needed all that rest in the morning… and maybe that is what helped so much. Or the solid night’s sleep plus the naps.

Either way, I feel very fortunate to have a rather low pain day as a result of all that effort. That I could enjoy a nice short walk by the local lake with my mom. That I could do a little bit of housekeeping… obviously very little due to muscle soreness. Light stuff. But stuff.

So a Good Day. And I just might be able to sleep another good night as a result. And I am glad I could help my dad with the move and help my spouse out with all that. I mean, it was just a room of stuff, but still, my dad can stuff a lot in one room. lmao. And I do wish I could have helped more but such is life, eh? I exceeded my limits. I paid for it too. But today I didn’t nearly as much as I anticipated. But I paced. And I rested. And I did what I should do rather than ignoring my limits. And I suppose it really can make a difference.

The dizziness, well, that never changes so that was what it was today. But totally a Pain Win! And enjoying the outdoors without a migraine? Sublime.

Here are the ducks at the lake we were watching:


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6 thoughts on “Chronic pain: Limits, pacing, and recovery

  1. Yay! I think there’s something there! I’ve noticed if I eat a protein bar close to bedtime, I feel better in the morning, even if my night sucks (maybe I should add beer!). I do think I’m not getting enough liquid. Water. Probably everything you did, equaled a lot! Super cool!

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