Chronic pain: Who am I?

I don't like this term people put on the chronically ill or people with chronic pain. You're so brave. I don't know, it seems like a word inflicted upon people with chronic pain when people do not get it. They do not get that there were two roads diverging in the woods; they took the … Continue reading Chronic pain: Who am I?

Cannabis and fibromyalgia study

Through my trial and error, I did find that cannabis was beneficial to fibromyalgia but sort of off and on for migraines (depended on intensity and strain). Ever since it became legal here I have explored it for different types of pain. From CBD, to CBD/THC, to THC. Rubs, creams, capsules, joints, and homemade edibles. … Continue reading Cannabis and fibromyalgia study

Fibromyalgia and stress in women

Lower stress predicts significant pain improvement in fibromyalgia Keep in mind: “On the other hand, factors such as being a woman, having lower education, high body mass index (BMI), higher levels of depression and anxiety, worse sleep, being former smoker or having other concomitant disorders have been found to predict an increased risk of still … Continue reading Fibromyalgia and stress in women