I have been very unwell and it is a difficult time for me really. Rough year. Really rough year. But I just go on day by day.

It is time for A Chronic Voice linkup prompts for July!

  • Justifying
  • Starting
  • Analyzing
  • Concluding
  • Planning

A Chronic Voice July prompts


When I was younger with chronic pain I always felt the need to justify it with doctors because they simply believed I was exaggerating. So I became very stoic. Then I simply gave no fucks. But now since my doctor took me off my pain meds and I have been in severe pain and unable to sleep through the night or walk well… And she won’t do a thing about it. Well, I feel like I have to justify my pain Again. And it sucks balls. So I make an appointment with the pain clinic in hopes they can help me manage this severe level of pain.


My Major Depressive Disorder is well treated but this insane pain is making me start to have emotional fluctuations. Sad. Angry as all hell at medical professionals. Frustrated at my incapacity to function. And the sad part… worries me but I know it is situational and reasonable to have bouts of this when I am laid out from pain. I also know to monitor my mood carefully.


I don’t know if I have MS yet. And I won’t know until October. And I just have no clue if I do or not. But I am analyzing these new symptoms closely to see if they are FM or something more ominous.


I am still in limbo with the dizziness and vertigo. If it is MS there is a potential treatment and it pisses me off to no end I cannot get in sooner to get that treatment if that is the case. If that is Not the case… this could be a permanent state of affairs. I will know what to do when I know what it actually IS. Until then I have concluded my focus Must be on pain management.


I have plans for when the vertigo is treated that I cannot do yet. Otherwise, plans are not a thing I can do right now. I have to see how I feel before I agree to anything usually a moment before the actual thing is.

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8 thoughts on “A Chronic Voice July Prompts

  1. Hey Nikki,
    I’m so sorry you’re feeling so miserable. Getting through the medical waiting game is frustrating, and it sounds like you’re overdue for a break! Also, do you think you may need to look for better options on doctors? If your doctor is doing that bad a job of listening to you, it’s well past time to find a better one!!
    Hope things start improving!

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    1. She is really good but she listened too much to this one dick. My pain doc is going to set her straight. My pain doc put me back on my pain killer and is sending her a letter

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  2. Hi Nikki, you seem to be put through the wringer lately. It’s a disgrace your doc is making you prove yourself they’re too self righteous about meds. Making moral choices about a pill that can greatly help us. I hope the pain clinic help get you back on track med wise it might help emotionally too once you’re at a baseline with proper treatment again. I’m sorry you have to wait so long it seems so cruel when theres options right there for you just out of reach. I hope the time goes fast for you its completely reasonable that you cannot plan ahead in so much pain. Holding a big space for you in my heart this month x

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  3. Hello for another month Nikki. I am so sorry to hear that things remain tough for you. I know from experience that when it goes on for so long that it feels like life is at a standstill, on hold until we start to begin to feel better and can see light at the very long tunnel. And the waiting, the long waiting that we are put through to see a doctor and get the help we so need can feel like a lifetime in itself. I do hope you don’t have to wait too much longer, and you can soon see light at the end of the tunnel. Take care, Rhiann x

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