So I am Canadian, so medicinal and recreational cannabis is legal here. And this gave me the opportunity to give it a go for pain.


  1. Only use it if it is legal
  2. Only use if your doctor is aware
  3. Never use if it is illegal… you have No Idea what they put in there
  4. This is my Personal experience and yours may be different
  5. Be aware if you have anxiety certain strains will make that worse

My Cannabis experience with chronic pain


I gave this a go first. 2 drops under the tongue. Then 5 drops under the tongue. Every day for a month or so. Nada. Did nothing for me in the least bit. Maybe it helps with inflammation but it helped not at all with the high level of pain I have been in lately. So for severe pain… a no-go for me

CBD/THC hybrid oil or pills

Now this combo is what is recommended for pain. The THC gives the CBD the boost we need for pain treatment. I tried hybrids of various blends to try out and some helped a little and some not at all. The ones that helped a little were the pills with more THC than CBD. And I have heard from people that the hybrid works better for chronic pain than just CBD does. Some of the capsules were Indica… and just made me sleep. And sleep is a major issue with severe pain, so that is definitely something to consider. It just wasn’t enough for pain. Might have been enough for my normal pain levels but not this hell.

Pre-rolled joints… just mostly THC

Not daily. Two puffs off the joint when I had a migraine or severe ribcage pain. This was after getting stoned out of my mind and being so painless that I thought… maybe Not getting stoned would Also help. And it totally does. 2 to 3 puff is all I need for great pain management for migraines and FM… and only get a mild buzz from it… so not stoned and still able to do things. Doesn’t do anything for other things like the dizziness and vertigo but can’t win them all, eh? Does help with the extreme nausea I get often.

Not saying this would be the same for everyone out there. And not saying you should do it Illegally. But I am saying this was my experience. I know people whose experience is more on the CBD side, or the oil hybrids work great. But migraines, in particular, are a high level of pain and it seemed more THC the better for them. Same goes for the severe ribcage pain. Maybe for normal FM baseline pain the oil would work fine. Anyway, I do not like the idea of being stoned all the time… so the least amount for the pain-lessening effect the better.

And I have to say for migraines it works as well as an abortive. Except a little slower. So pain dims and dims and dims and then poofs out. But it can come back later in the day, just like with a triptan. And the higher the migraine pain level the more you need to get to that point, but still not really enough to give you more than a mild buzz (like one beer might for someone like me who rarely ever drinks)

Cost is a factor though. And will be telling my doctor about this experience so she can put me on the medicinal pot. Since I was taken off my opiate. I know she isn’t sold on cannabis being any help… but I will tell her, for me, it is definitely a thing to use in addition to preventatives and abortives… (abortives can only be taken 2 times a week which leaves for a Lot of untreated migraines). But then I found out the medicinal isn’t covered… so that is moot.

Critical KUSH

This one worked the best for me. I needed very little. Sort of makes you very unaware of the pain and also if you are tired but cannot sleep due to pain, it helped me sleep. Thing is, not consistent results. Sometimes it helped a little, which is better than nothing. Sometimes it helped a Lot. But of all the ones I tried, it was the best for pain at the level I am experiencing. Not no pain, by all means, but a good reduction. Now the one I used is not the one I found in research. But I have yet to go into a store that may have more strains, just ordering on the Alberta Government site

 BlackBerry Kush Marijuana Strain

The origin of this cannabis originates from California as an indica subspecies with a very large dose of THC that will naturally fall between 17 and 24%.

If you take it, your body will be relaxed. As a result, it is effective for general pain and the high dose leaves you into excessive sleep. 10 best marijuana strains


This sativa-dominant hybrid is a great stimulant, and with a happy quality of sativa, it goes a long way to relieve pain with the presence of 23% THC content.

More to the point, Jack Herer is excellent for reducing inflammation and helps for chronic pain. Want to get the energetic power that you need to carry on with a day-day task with no itch. You have an ideal remedy here. 10 Best Marijuana Strains For Pain

This is a mild blend. So I smoke more than I do with others. It doesn’t make me tired. It actually gives me a bit of energy. But migraine wise, it’ll knock it down a notch but not get rid of it and it will only last for about 3-4 hours before the migraine is back. But for all over pain, I do feel a decent improvement. That is my experience with it, and we are all different. I mean it is worth giving a go and see. I don’t mind it in the sense I do not really feel ‘stoned’ so it is mild that way. And some migraine improvement which is nice on non-triptan days.


  1. I do not want to be stoned, I want to be functional and able to do things with managed pain… that is a fine line
  2. It is out of pocket and with being disabled I have very little actual income so this is not something I would ever be able to use for regular pain management


I do think all options are valid to try. And I think they would even help if my pain levels were not quite as severe as they are. As it is the two strains for pain I found in pre-rolled joints were the best option for me.

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5 thoughts on “My cannabis experience with chronic pain

  1. Thank you for this. I too haven’t found where CBD helped my pain. I’ve been playing around with strains but have not found one that works as well on my migraines as you speak of. One that worked really well at first was Dead Head OG. It was great for both my headaches and nausea, but it’s not working as well now, of course after I bought an oz, because they seem to have a hard time keeping it in stock.
    That is something I have a hard time with here, first I have to research strains that are supposed to help then i have to find a local dispensary that has it, and that can change from week to week. I do make my own edibles too, so if i need long lasting pain relief that last longer.
    But you are right it is expensive. I’m lucky i can afford it right now. And i do not like feeling high.
    Oh, i find if a bad vertigo attack starts a calming strain can help, not a sativa, but it doesn’t help the slow spins. And if I get too high it can make it worse, so it’s a delicate balance. Of course our experiences are individual, as you said.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes with vertigo it is a Very delicate balance. One I do not like to push at all give that is such an issue for me. But like I said sometimes the strains I found worked great and other times not so much… must be pain level or something.


  2. I also use marijuana to help knock down some symptoms. One thing I’ve found is that a strain will work at first, but then you build up some sort of tolerance to it and need to switch. Of course, it does sound like you’re keeping it light, which doesn’t work for me, so maybe you won’t run into that as often. But, if you’re hitting one a little hard it might be the issue. You’re so right about the expense, it’s a killer! But I’m grateful that my state allows me the opportunity to try it as legal treatment. I have family that is dealing with a lot and they aren’t so lucky.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cost is a major factor for me at the moment so using as little as possible is what I have been trying… but not as beneficial as more, as I have also tried.


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