Shades for Migraine photo contest

For #Shadesformigraine I entered their contest. You win migraine related helpful products which would be very beneficial given I can’t really afford them myself. I am doing well with votes with family but I need a boost in order to get to 10th place which is the last prize place. So if you guys could click and vote I would love that. And you can actually vote every 24 hours if you really want to show the love. There are 10 days left for voting.


The pic I used


WEGO health awards

I have been nominated for two WEGO health awards

Best show: Blogs

Patient leader hero

And you can endorse me for either of these or both I think. Either way, I only have 11 endorsements so I do need a major boost. I have been nominated many times and I do love that people think of me when they do. But I have yet to win. Just a numbers game and I do not promote as much as other people… seems like I am making a bother. But I do want to try at least to give it a real go this year and see what happens. So if you would like to endorse my nominations please consider it by clicking on them.


That is all my friends! Hope you are all having a low pain weekend!


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