I won #5 place in the #shadesformigraine contest and won a prize package of really cool things to try out. I mean, this is going to be a great exploration of products for migraines that I have never tried before. Especially the first one… I will enjoy that venture. They put together a really good package for sure for those of us with migraine disease.

Shades for migraine: prize products to try out


Wine filters

Yay I can try red wine for the first time in 22 years! I had it 1 time when I was young and I liked it. And we shall see if I like it again because I can Actually Have Some. Amazeballs. Anyway, it removes histamines and sulphates. I got 3 The Wave Wine Filter and Aerator


Wand Wine filter by Pure Wand

And also their pack of 30 The Wand Wine Filter (here is the 8 pack if you want to give it a go)


WeatherX earplugs

“With WeatherX Ear Plugs, we introduce a pressure filtering earplug for shifts in weather pressure. Receive a push notification from the free app and be proactive about drastic shifts in barometric pressure, that have been known to trigger migraines” And since we have been getting some wild migraine weather here these are going to be Awesome to try out. So it sends you a notification when you download the app to put them in and you put them in 2-4 hours and it can help with barometric pressure changes!!! I mean, who invented this! I think I love them.



Reticare coupon

So they gave me a coupon for some off of a reticare screen filter which they sell for many products. I would prefer a computer screen for when I return to work… you can’t use programs for filters so external ones work awesome but they do not offer them. Here is a smartphone one:


Here is the product info on Amazon for them:

  • Practice healthier habits of using devices and REDUCE 3 RISKS: (1) Sleep Disorders (2) Eye Strain (3) Permanent Damage to Retina
  • Reticare reduces toxic light emitted through device screens, including the blue light in addition to violet, turquoise and purple lights, unique to Reticare. Detoxify your screens now
  • Reticare is the only eye protector in the world scientifically proven to reduce damage to the retina
  • All screen users are at high risk without protection especially our children
  • Stop the damage and start protecting your eyes with Reticare. One day spent without protection can cost you much more later

Axon Optics

Okay, you know I love my migraine specs… which are FL-41 tinted specs for migraines. I love them. I wear them all the time. I believe the Jura is the style they sent me and I like it. Full coverage. Lightweight (which is very important for facial pain and ear pain). Great for using the computer, being around light, or being around evil, evil fluorescent lights … wore these specs at work all the time. Now this is one is the only prize I have and know and love already. Another pair is just a real bonus that is awesome for me.


So a lot of things to try out and see how they work for migraines. What an awesome migraine prize package. They also gave me a shirt, a pair of Shades for Migraine sunglasses, and two magazines.

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8 thoughts on “#Shadesformigraine: prize products to try out

  1. Well done! Those prizes sound fantastic. I don’t get as many migraines now as when I was younger thankfully, but I know how debilitating they are, so anything that helps is a good thing. And as for the wine filter!!! Wow…just wow. I haven’t drunk red wine for about 30 years.

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    1. I haven’t had wine since I was young and it caused what I can assume was my very first migraine. So that should be fun to try! The earplugs for weather migraines sounds really interesting, I have set up the app and will give them a go when the pressure changes and see if they work because that would be awesome!

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  2. Wow, Nikki, these all sound amazing! I’ll be interested to hear how the wine filter works for you. Those earplugs sound intriguing too. My head is really sensitive to barometric pressure, so I think I may order some of them…. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on all the cool swag!😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is cool stuff for sure. I have the app for the weather one set up and it has notified me to use them tomorrow… so we shall see! I have yet to try to wine one yet but I will!


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