Migraine review: WeatherX Earplugs product

WeatherX  (pressure filtering earplugs) are coiled earplugs you put in when the barometric pressure shifts.

You put an app on your phone that alerts you to a change. And you can change it to be more sensitive if you are more sensitive to shifts in barometric changes as I seem to be. You put them in for 2 to 4 hours. You can actually hear through them. You feel a sense of pressure. And when the barometric pressure is changing you can even feel a migraine trying to come on. And this is when I lay down and rest. Maybe put a mild ice pack on my head and dim the lights. It is like it wants to come but it just… doesn’t. So the weather has been crazy around here for the area. It has not really stopped with these infernal storms. Not much of a summer at all really.

You can find them on Amazon

And so this fickle weather has given me a chance to try these out since weather triggers for migraine attacks can be rather brutal, as we all know.

Trial 1

No migraine at all. It was suggested to put them in around 10 am. But then at midnight BAM massive migraine and I had to get out of bed and take a triptan. Which failed and led to a miserable sleep.

Trial 2

Was, in fact, a great day anyway so I didn’t even have a migraine. It suggested I put them in around 4pm and I sure didn’t want a later day migraine so I did. And no migraine. I went to sleep with no migraine and no midnight migraine. It was a migraine free day. And isn’t that a wild thing, eh?

Trial 3

Today the pressure is dropping down a lot and then later raising a lot. So I have to wear them this morning and then later in the evening prior to what the weather reports say will be yet another storm. So today is going to be a tricky one to manage. Especially since I seem to be on the cusp of a migraine already. I didn’t get a migraine from the first earplug wearing. And we got a fast running storm. Look at the hail we got! Anyway, what a blast to enjoy storm watching again without the damn migraine.


And I didn’t have a migraine because I had already adjusted to the pressure. But the next time to wear them for the fall I guess from that storm… was around midnight, when I was already asleep. So… woke up with a migraine. But hard to prevent that one since I was, in fact, sleeping.


Quite frankly, for me, WeatherX earplugs are a real valuable migraine tool for weather trigger migraines (Of which, I never had anything I could do about before).

Will I continue to use them?

Hell yes! I mean, oh my God, yes. I have never had anything help with weather-related migraines that works like this. The trick is getting them in on time and wearing them for the peak period. And other than that… awesome sauce. I want to find whoever invented these things and hug them for about an hour. I may be a little in love with them.

Would I recommend this to others?

I don’t know if you will get the same results or the same results for every migraine, since you have to time when to put them in and how long. But I will say I would Definitely beyond a shadow of a doubt recommend this product to anyone with migraines who have experienced weather-related migraines. I was so impressed with them.

Of course, we have other triggers for our migraine attacks. Or compounding triggers. So they will not always work. I have chronic migraine attacks so sometimes these do not work because, well, I have a migraine already and nothing I can do about an added trigger.

Any problems?

The only issue is with the app itself. I want it to tell me ‘hey at this specific time put in your earplugs.’ instead of scrolling through the next timeline to see when the shifting is occurring and plotting when I should put them in. But I get that might be hard to do… because these things change abruptly. But that would be cool. Also, the weather is weather so you have to check it every once in a while… because it changes. What could have been an alert may not be later. Like this week Had looked Bad… now, not at all. Things change. So I check it in the morning, in the afternoon if I am going to be using it to check the time to use it, and in the evening to see if I need it in the morning.


So I have been using these for a while now. And it is iffy whether they will work or not. So maybe they do work if you get them in at the right time and maybe it is just that you don’t happen to get a migraine at that time.

Also, the ones I have are too large for my ears so it can cause pain, so putting them in for less time is Better. And finally, I put them in for the max time during a massive shift in pressure… and I ended up with my left ear not only painful and fluttering and ringing… but bleeding. So not sure what is up with that. (I was told by an audiologist I have a twisted ear canal so perhaps that is why since they are too big for my ears) So maybe less is better. And with smaller ears this size… not a good idea.

But it certainly does seem to help sometimes. However, hard to tell with chronic migraines when I sometimes have a migraine long before it wants me to put them in! So they wouldn’t work then. But on days when I do not already have a migraine, it is a modest shift in pressure, I do not put them in too long, I do not seem to get a migraine. I feel one coming on… but it just doesn’t. So it does work… sometimes and works well when it does… no migraine Later. So good for the toolbox. Just be careful on using it and maybe don’t use it all the time. And be careful how long you have them in. And if you have small ears, like me… get the Small Size. Seriously, I am going to buy the small size because I think the issue I had was due to the size… I can’t even wear normal earbuds without a lot of pain. So I think I caused an issue that day wearing these too long when it causes issues due to the size. So word to the wise there.

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9 thoughts on “Migraine review: WeatherX earplugs product

  1. Ooo I’ve never come across any like these before! A very interesting concept, and unusual style with the screw-like design, too. Thanks for sharing, will have to check these out and see if I can try them in the UK! xx

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  2. I read this last night put them in my basket and left them. But after reading the blog again I’m going to go for it. They cost way less than the €300 consultation with a ‘top’ neurologist I just had to turn down 🙂 thanks for sharing btw!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have literally tried everything from preventive meds to the WeatherX earplugs. By far hands down the earplugs are the most amazing remedy I have ever experienced!!! It is absolutely life changing!!! If u suffer with barometric pressure migraines get these!!!!! Amazon sells them. It will change in your life!! I told my neurologist & he was so blown away that this product was available. The ap is great & will work whenever you live. No more prescriptions that are costly & don’t work! The earplugs cost less than $15- virtually nothing! I don’t ever plan to live my life without these! Total life changing for me!!

    Liked by 1 person

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