I have written a great deal about migraines and perhaps that makes it tricky to find the basic information one might want to find. So here is your guide to migraines from my blog. Just some basics.

Migraines: Beginners guide to posts

Impact of high episodic and chronic migraine study

What I want people to understand about chronic migraine

Migraine impact

Migraine stages

The Prodrome

The aura

The headache

The Postdrome

Migraine Symptoms

migraine symptoms

Weird migraine symptoms


Symptoms of a migraine that can be as severe as pain

Allodynia and migraine

Light and migraines

Migraine Types

Let’s talk migraine with aura

Let’s talk vestibular migraine


What to do about nausea

ER treatment instead of opiates



External stimulation devices




Butterbur for migraine

Biofeedback and migraine



TMD and migraines

Visual snow

Migraine comorbid conditions

Canada and migraines

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5 thoughts on “Migraine: beginner’s guide to posts

  1. Good information, thanks for sharing. Two of my children (now adults ) get migraines. My daughter identifies that the trigger for her is sulphates,anything with 220 in it. My son doesn’t know what triggers his. I recently have introduced them to essential oils and have made up blends for them in rollerball bottles.

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