SO I have migraines. And migraines means triggers. And that means NO Wine for me. I had an experience with red wine when I was younger that caused almost an immediate wicked ‘headache’ that was brutal… before I was diagnosed with migraines. So I have avoided it since. I have occasionally tried a white with success but it is trial and error. And then I found this when I won a prize package.

So I invited my mom and step-father over for a steak dinner that my spouse cooked up for us and my mom bought a white wine. My spouse had bought me a red merlot wine. And the experiment began!

We had a delicious meal with some fine wine. White wine while my spouse was cooking and the red with our meal. Nothing better than a damn good steak dinner which I think goes great with a glass of good red wine. Not that I know what ‘pairs’ well with what. Given this is the first glass of red wine in over twenty years! Also, note… I literally have no wine glasses because why would one if they can’t have wine, eh? So I just used regular glasses. Such is life. Not so fancy schmancy. 😉

This is the product here The Wand Wine Filter by PureWine

Now what it does, this magical little wand is filters out from the wine:

  1. The sulphates
  2. The histamines

Without altering the taste of the wine.

So no:

  1. headaches or migraines
  2. flushing
  3. congestion
  4. upset stomach
  5. hangover
Wine filter close up
close up of the wand. You stir into wine for about 3 minutes
Trying it out in my mom’s white wine
The real test… red wine. This fine merlot that was delicious

And it is weird, because, yeah, no congestion of flushing. I think I have a histamine reaction to wine so that deals with that. And yeah, no migraine immediately, or shortly after, or even an hour later. Enjoying something I haven’t been able to is rather cool. I mean, this is one of my major migraine triggers. Never have wine. Never ever. And this makes it entirely possible. I rather like a good red wine; not too tart, more a merlot. And it is wonderful I can enjoy that without my head exploding shortly after.

So it works. And it works well. So awesomesauce! I can now enjoy the rest of those bottles with dinners. Pretty cool!

So ten thumbs up for me… if I had ten thumbs to give.

Also, they have filters for a whole bottle. I have three of these but I wanted to test the stick filters first… so see if I liked the bottle of wine I was trying. Since my experience with wine is rather nill.

I also got the larger pack of the wands so they will last for a bit but they come in 3 packs as well. Also I have one’s you just add to the bottle and then you are good to go, like it filters as you pour.

Anyway, I will add this to ‘Migraine products that work and I like to use’.

**Note someone on my Facebook page said it isn’t proven that sulphates trigger migraines to which I replied ” I think I will try it 10 more times before I poo poo on it. 🤣 maybe even 15 more times for good measure. For science.” hehehe Because scientific experimentation is Important. But also maybe it is not proven sulphates or histamines are the culprits… so that is something to keep in mind, eh? Triggers are finicky things. Like chocolate. They thought it was a trigger and then… often it is actually a craving, not a trigger. So go figure? Not like they research every trigger we have I’d think. So keep that in mind for sure.

I read it is the histamines that are the problem. So that is interesting. Huh.

Anyway, we all know with migraines if you even touch alcohol to also have water and stay hydrated. Tip number 1. I shouldn’t have to say that. And maybe they don’t trigger migraine attacks. Maybe I have a massive histamine response, which wouldn’t surprise me. All I know is that wine is a trigger for me. And it wasn’t this time. So that is a pretty big coincidence. Other forms of alcohol in moderation on good days… such as light beers are Not a trigger for me, unless I overindulge (in which case, not enough water so yeah it then triggers one). So try it. Don’t try it. It was cool I found. Certainly for the histamine response for sure.

Update: These continue to work quite well for me. And I rather like some wine so this is a great product for me to use of the very rare occasion I actually have a drink.

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10 thoughts on “Migraine Review: The Wand Wine Filter by PureWine

  1. Nice! I’m in! But I’m moving (currently staying at the family lake home) so no alcohol in front of my asinine family members… when having brain fog NEVER hold a glass of any kind of alcoholic beverage. You’ll be branded an alcoholic for life. Live and learn I guess. But I’ll consider enjoying a red with my steak once again, on date night with the hubs, at home, grilling our steaks and peppers! Yummo!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Heard of this but the amazon reviews were hit and miss, said it changed the taste of the wine. Also that some boxes were ripped when recieved, so I think it’s about where you get it from. Will try it from your link. I don’t get flushed, so I’m thinking not the histamines, but maybe sulfate issues for me? It’s interesting that wine can be such a double whammy, histamine, sulfates and dehydrating. But just increasing water wasn’t cutting it any longer. I miss connecting with my fam over wine tastings.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is interesting. My mom said it didn’t change the taste. I wasn’t one to say since I didn’t drink wine, of course. But no broken packaging or anything


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