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So I have started and finished a new project. I will tell you about it first and then tell you the perks and benefits after.

So it is Pain-By-Numbers by Winnie’s Picks.

I love to paint but I’m not exactly that artistic. Maybe a little above average but that is about it. I find colouring relaxing though but I have nerve damage in my hand and the pressure needed causes pain, fast, so it isn’t something I can zen out doing. But paint-by-number I can Totally zen out on. So this project was supplied to me by Winnie’s Picks. I picked this abstract cat picture… with large colour spots to see if it would help with the fact that sometimes I shake a lot… and actually, yeah, if you shake just pick a pic with larger spaces. But, you know, I messed up in some spots and that just makes it more abstract and also unique. I am used to not having perfection with my hands being as they are. But they do supply 2 sized small brushes which really help with that. It is an activity I did with my spouse which was awesome that we could share it.

I actually loved this project. And I love that you get an awesome piece of artwork for your house as a result from it. This is something I can really get into.

My Progress

Winnie's pick abstract cat blank slate
Here is my blank slate. You can see what it is Going to look like with the wee pic provided. And it has the brushes and all the paint you need.
Winnie's picks abstract cat in progress
This is my in-progress pic here. Bit of a mess. I’m not too organized. I used to tube lid it came in for a brush holder. A small dish to rinse my brushes.
Winnie's Picks abstract cat in progress 2
Looking cat-like at this point.
Winnie's Picks abstract cat finished
Finished product! Doesn’t that look Awesome! So colourful! I LOVE it!

What I liked about Winnie’s Picks in Particular

I have done a paint-by-numbers before and in relation to that one Winnie’s Picks:

  • It comes in a nice tube so it isn’t all bent out of shape (I used the lid to hold my brushes)
  • The brushes are of better quality than my other ones. You get 4 sizes (my previous one was 3 plastic ones)
  • You receive enough paint for your entire project (my previous one I did not have enough of some colours and had to pick colours that were similar to finish)
  • They have a wonderful selection of pictures to choose from. I love this abstract cat one. It is so vibrant and it brings a lot of colour to my now ‘art room’. (Next there is another vibrant cat to choose from and a lion I have my eye on)
  • Now the main awesome feature of Winnie’s Picks, in particular, is you can custom make your own paint-by-number with your own photo. And that is a pretty awesome idea for a gift or for yourself. I am thinking of ideas for that.


Paint-by-numbers is:

  1. Great if you have hand pain like me. With a brush, you put no pressure down to paint and therefore it doesn’t aggravate the pain, like other projects we try to do.
  2. It is soothing and you can just zen out doing it.
  3. It is awesome to see it slowly come together into a picture.
  4. And you get that feeling of satisfaction when you are done. And an awesome picture to hang up. This one is going in my computer room to add some brightness in.

Perks for me:

  1. I love to paint but my skill level is pretty much a beginner. So this is the sort of thing for me.
  2. I have nerve damage in my dominant hand. So most hobbies like crochet or colouring are things that cause pain and fast. And that pain persists all day. Painting, on the other hand, is a light touch so it is smooth and doesn’t aggravate that sort of pain at all. The nerve damage limits a lot of hobby ideas really. I love that it doesn’t with this.
  3. I found it very relaxing and got a great sense of satisfaction from the finished product.
  4. As usual these sorts of hobbies that I can feel engaged in help as a pain distraction. Something I can get into that help me focus on something Other than the pain.
  5. They helo with mood regulation and stress reduction as you just relax and zen out on something. It is like meditation but a lot more fun.

Perks to self-care

  • Art of any sort lowers cortisol levels. It is a good stress buster and we feel more relaxed doing it. Happier. And engaged.
  • Paint-by-numbers is something we can do at any experience level and when we are pretty sick. It isn’t the pain that is my only factor… it is the vertigo issues. So I can even do it with that at mild levels and that helps calm me down. And gives me something I Can do when dizzy… and there isn’t much.
  • Taking time for yourself. This is important, if not a vital aspect of self-care, we do so much we Have to do and Need to do we have so little energy left for anything. We have to take the time to do things that bring us some joy. Any sort of art or craft is a wonderful way to just take that time to enjoy yourself.
  • Play. We forget play when we are sick. We forget fun. We just have to get through the day. Do all the things we have to do to maintain our wellbeing. And it is tiring. It is wonderful to do some playful, joyful, fun things.
  • It can be an opening to expressing yourself artistically in other ways. Like I said, this is for all experience levels. But you get a template with it. And a friend of mine with do just black and white paintings by using the template to map out where the shading should be to create a black and white painting… that sort of thing. And then maybe you can do one of those paint nites with a friend where they guide you through how to paint something. Then maybe do your own artistic artwork. Art is a wonderful thing to Play with. I love the paint-by-numbers and I have also done a paint nite. Both are awesome ways to just have fun.
  • It is something you can share. You can share it with your kids, if you want. I share it with my spouse and it is awesome we can do it together. I like that he can chill and do it as well. I think it is a great stress relief for him.
  • A sense of productivity that we lose when we are disabled. We feel like we do not accomplish as much as we should but hobbies like this give that productivity back to us.
  • Help us with mood regulation
  • Keep us mentally active
  • Are a great distraction from pain and thoughts

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7 thoughts on “Review: Winnie’s Picks- paint by numbers

  1. Wow! It’s beautiful😊paint by number sure has evolved over the years. I also
    love the idea of painting. I have hand pain too😊. Love the post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love it! So vibrant and colorful, and something I could really enjoy painting and looking at every day. You’re so right about how taking time to do something creative can take your mind off just getting through each day. I’ve learned to find creative outlets for my head when my body isn’t letting me do much else – it’s made a huge difference for my mental state and accepting I can’t do things I once enjoyed – there are other ways to reach that Zen!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes so many ways for us to zen out. I love creative outlets. Ones that do not addragte my hand nerve damage anyway. So I love this for sure. And I have picked up drawing again. And of course my creative writing. All awesome things to do when I can do things

      Liked by 1 person

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