I have started an app on a basic concept. Socialization to combat isolation from chronic illness and disability. I took your basic dating platform so I could use that sort of algorithm and just made it into a social network for the chronically ill.

This is the Site I made for it. With more details about the mission and idea behind it. You can see that in the menu on this page under Companly as well.

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The main concept is, just like a dating site you are looking for people in your area to connect with, the difference is you are looking for people with similar interests to engage in social activities with. People that understand your mobility issues and limitations, as there is a part of your profile for that. People that may share your medical issues and may not. In your age range or not, as you choose. You gender, or not, your preference, or both. Social media is one way we interact but there is a loneliness epidemic and with the chronically ill it is far more profound.

  • We lose friends over time
  • We have limitations which restricts what we can do
  • We tend to self-isolate when in pain and sick… and that leads to lower emotions and less motivation. And hermit-mode.
  • We depend on social media a lot for our social interactions which is good in the sense that we can connect with people like as and bad in the sense that too much social media affects mood poorly.

We know actual socialization is good for our mental and emotional wellbeing. We know a little goes a long way. But getting out there and engaging in the world when maybe we have isolated for a long time or are limited in many ways or have lost all the people we used to hange out with… it is damn hard. And this is designed to connect with those in our area that also want to engage more and socialize in whatever ways they and you are comfortable with. Going for a walk. A cup of coffee. Watching the game together. Playing video games. A game night. Whatever floats your boat, man.


So the idea I love. I just love the idea for all of us. But it doesn’t depend on me. It depends on who is interested in it and word of mouth and getting people involved so that we can develop this community to connect with in the real world. So I know That will be a Massive challenge. So if you are into this idea then join the app and go into the share feature and share all you can. Spead it around. And maybe we can make it work. No risk, no reward for our community.

These are the Features;

It is a social app… yes, it is designed for us to make connections out in the world but it also has a community within the app as well.

  1. First, this is an app to connect with others around you where you can chat and maybe then arrange a time to socialize together. The idea is to create connections in the world, decrease isolation, and socialize more.
  2. There is a forum for overall sharing with the whole community
  3. You can social share pictures, posts, and videos
  4. And you can post pictures in a gallery
  5. You can share the app in various ways to spread the word

How to join

To get on Google Play just click on the icon on my page at the top right. For website access go to Website access– to platform


It is an experiment because I cannot make it succeed… only others can. If they want to participate in this experience or… not. I love the idea. I think it will help us all immensely but that is just my own thoughts on it, eh? We shall see. We shall see. So join and let me know what you think!

Let’s build something together. Let’s get connected. You’re not alone. None of us are. We feel like we are. But we are not. Let’s reach out to each other. Share a little time. Share a little support. Share some activities.


Privacy disclosure

9 thoughts on “The Companly App and site experiment

    1. It is android only… but there is a website access as well. https://mycompanly.wordpress.com/ has the website access… but it doesn’t have All the features but most of them. I am testing it out to see if the website access needs more work. But yeah, android only because iPhone apparently you need an Apple product to go to their developer account and I don’t- I was like that is rude.

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