You know I love to write and recently I have picked up paint-by-numbers. My spouse and I love it. In fact, a certain someone is getting one for Christmas. Well, I thought maybe I would pick up drawing again as well. It has been over twenty years but I thought there is something to art therapy and it is a unique way to express myself in a way that words don’t or cannot. So I thought I would give it a go.

New hobby- Drawing and art therapy

One doesn’t have to do masterpieces to draw or paint or create. I am just an amateur myself but I do get something from it. The creation and expression… it feels good. There is something to it for sure. I am a writer. And writing is my go-to for expressing myself on this blog and in my fiction novels. It is my main passion. But other creative pursuits offer other advantages to them. Like I do poetry for the emotional expression… not that great at it… but I do like doing it from time to time because of the Way I can express myself with it. And drawing is the same, it is a different Way of expressing myself. A New outlet for my emotions.

Anyway, here are some of my recent works.

tormented scream
My recent piece

So this one is a sort of scribble messy style that is more emotion than anything which is what I wanted. I am playing around with styles. And I have a lot of emotions to get out. A lot of people like the intensity of this one so that is good. I have to say, I really am just doing it for myself but it is nice when someone appreciates it. But I am one of those people with low self-worth who can’t take a compliment so that makes it hard when they do. I have to try to explain away their compliment instead of just Taking It. I really have to work on that.

migraine aura
This was my first piece

This was my very first drawing in over twenty years… and it is a migraine aura representation. It was meant to be simple in style and it is. It is the aura I wanted to show some swirls and designs and whatnots. I have another of these planned in my head but haven’t done yet…. it will be of a migraine.

Clearly, very different styles. lol. But I’m just trying things out really. I don’t have the skills I used to and so it is just… a way to express myself and emotions.
RRD - 3 chevalets (2).png

I have very introverted hobbies I must say. But I do find a lot of value in them for helping with our self-worth, sense of productivity, and self-identity. They can be a pain distraction and they can also be a great way to positively work through negative emotions and thoughts. But actual art therapy is done with a therapist. We do not have that around here. All I have is pencils and me and the emotions I want to express and that’ll do. Besides, trying new things is good for the brain ball.

Benefits of art therapy in particular

  • Improved mood and reduced anxiety
  • Reduce stress
  • Build self-esteem
  • Reduce or distract from pain
  • Positive distraction
  • Safe outlet for emotions
  • Mindfulness… being In the Moment
  • Improved coping skills
  • Personal empowerment

Here is the thing about being disabled and at home 95% of the time… it gets boring, and stagnant and repetitive. A lot of the time you can do very, very little. Some days all you can do is sleep and rest. It takes a lot more time to do anything. A lot more energy. You can’t just do what you want. I want to read a book for hours like I used to but I can’t with vertigo… maybe 15 minutes? So functionality sucks and boredom happens. Only so much Netflix I can watch. I need things I Can do on the modest functional times of day, or days I can have some functionality. And I new Different things to occupy my time. Not the same things on repeat over and over. I need stimulus for my brain. Or I will go Bonkers. More bonkers than I already am, I mean.

I know many of us are the same. It all seems repetitive. It same old same old and we can’t just do what we want to fill the void of boredom when we want to like other people. And so I am trying new hobbies of different sorts to fill parts of the day with. Things I can do bit by bit and do not require too much energy. So my paint-by-numbers which I love (And affiliate with because I find a lot of benefits to them). My writing and blogging, which while harder now, I will not give up because I love it. And then this drawing experiment as a new experience and a new way to express myself. I thought of crochet, but with nerve damage- it might be tricky and painful. One reason I went with the paint-by-numbers over colouring (which I have) is that colouring needs more hand pressure and it hurts my nerve-damaged hand which unfortunately is my dominant hand… but the painting does not. So we have to seek out things we are capable of doing and then try and teach ourselves to do them… lot of youtube tutorials out there.

And then every day isn’t on repeat. At least there is some difference day by day on the days when you can do things. I mean, yesterday I basically couldn’t leave the couch and slept most of the day. There are days Like That too. But not every day. And maybe we can’t spend hours at a hobby but we can spend 15 min here and there. It all counts. It all helps. It all means something.

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2 thoughts on “New Hobby: Drawing and art therapy

  1. I love all things creative. My office is more like a mini Michaels or Hobby Lobby. I never put in the practice to improve my drawing. Maybe one day. You’ve inspired me to give it another go

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