Text in top of pin: Christmas gift ideas from people with chronic illnesses
Bottom image: two presents overlapping (Purple and yellow) and one blurred in background

These are some Christmas gift ideas made by people with chronic illnesses. I decided to make the list because, well, we make some fine things and also we often need some side income. So beneficial for both parties really! And I thought it a great idea to bring some attention to their art.

1-CascadingWoodDesigns– is an Etsy store by a dear friend of mine who does some fantastic art. I particularly adore her stained glass work. I mean, I just love it.

Like this fantastic piece here and many more, along with other fine-crafted things to check out,


2- TheReluctantSpoonie– Crochets wee little animals! I love them! She just set up her Etsy shop so look forward to seeing more there. Because this is a Christmas list I thought I would feature this wee little one because I think it would be great on a tree.


3- EmpoweredSpirits– This Etsy store has a bunch of cool things. From clothes to jewelry to poster wall art. Lots to check out for sure. This is my favourite. I like simplistic jewelry that sort of just accents what I wear.


4- Spoonie Survival Kits– These are awesome ideas. Reminds me of those subscription boxes but better priced. Where you do not know what you are getting but it is on the theme presented. I love these by the way. Just the anticipation and the neat things inside.

Spoonie Survival Kit!!


5- Advocate like a warrior– Chronic illness Advocate like a Warrior apparel and other items (mug and bag and such). I like this nice simple tee.

Advocate like a Warrior!

6- PlannerGirlsCo-  This Etsy shop is pretty cool. It has planners for just about anything you can imagine to make a binder to track everything you need to track. Mental health to chronic illness to a financial planner. Check them out!

Other things I found while exploring Etsy

So I have been looking for another pain cream and so I found this one:

Soothing Pain Relief Lotion Bar

that has arnica, peppermint, menthol, Shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax. And those are the ingredients that I tend to like for pain… in particular for my temples, forehead, and neck… as a migraine balm. Or other places as well but I need a migraine balm. So I am giving it a go as a present to Me.

Dark Grey Weighted Blanket, Cotton Minky Blanket, Sensory Bedding, Sensory Therapy Blankets for Adults + Children, Focus Pressure Blanket 

– I think weighted blankets help a lot of anxiety and sometimes with pain as well. Along with other sensory conditions. So I have a keen interest in them. The idea that they can be bought homemade and help someone else out makes it even better… there are a lot on there I just came across this one which I particularly liked.

My Zazzle store

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