So cannabis (The Pot) is legal in Canada so we have the option of exploring all sorts of strains for pain and going on it medicinally as well. My doctor’s office offered me a specialist to go over the strains and which would best help me with pain. And that did shock me. I don’t know. My brain still thinks it is something that should be hidden. But I have tried it for migraines and fibromyalgia. And I find with migraine it is harder to find the right strain. High THC works for me and blows the migraine out But it comes back later, so there is that, but comes back lesser than before. The strain really makes a difference. Some do Not touch a migraine, I’ll tell you that.


  1. Only use it if it is legal
  2. Only use if your doctor is aware
  3. Never use it if it is illegal… you have No Idea what they put in there
  4. This is my Personal experience and yours may be different
  5. Be aware if you have anxiety certain strains will make that worse
Text: How does pot do for migraine severity?
Title: Study-Cannabis for migraine
Image:Woman blowing out plume of smoke

Onto the study, Cannabis may reduce migraine pain and headache by 50% (Study in Journal of Pain). There were 1300 people in the study, so a really good sample size but it was self-reported data. And they self-reported their pain severity before and after using cannabis. The results showed a 47.3% decrease in the severity of headache intensity and a 49.6% decrease in migraine severity on average. Pretty sweet.

Objective 1. Overall Change in Severity

The primary objective of this study was to examine effects of inhaled cannabis on headache and migraine severity. Results revealed that for the vast majority of cannabis use sessions, patients reported reductions in headache (89.9%) and migraine severity (88.1%). Moreover, a 47.3% decrease in headache severity and a 49.6% decrease in migraine severity were reported following cannabis use. These results suggest that inhaled cannabis reduces the perceived severity of headache and migraine by nearly 50%. Study

And I have to say, I agree when I have the right strain that severity can be dramatically reduced for an extended period of time. And what is there is paid less attention to. But for me, that is not CBD and that is not a hybrid. It is like high THC content strains. “Nevertheless, the null results indicate that cannabis reduces migraine severity regardless of the type, dose, THC or CBD content.”- The study- And That I do not find. I tried just CBD oil. I tried hybrid capsules. And then eventually I looked it up on Google- cannabis and pain- and started with those strains and then finally found some relief with migraines. Fibromyalgia by the way, not so picky.

Some people I have talked to have said cannabis makes their migraines worse. And there is a small fraction in this study where that did happen. More women than men reported that.

Comparisons of men and women revealed that more women than men reported headache exacerbation, and more men than women reported headache reduction, following cannabis use. Moreover, men reported larger reductions in headache severity following cannabis use than did women. While these findings contradict our hypothesis, they corroborate previous findings demonstrating that smoked cannabis produced greater analgesia in men than women.7 Nevertheless, the size of the gender differences in the present study are quite small, with differences of only 1.1% and 1.8% in the percentage of men and women who reported headache exacerbation and reduction, respectively. Study

So more often than not, both genders do get some relief from cannabis with a reduction in the severity of migraine.

While more traditional headache treatments can cause headaches to get worse over time if they’re used too much, Dr. Cuttler’s study found no evidence of such “overuse headache” in participants using weed. That said, the researchers did observe participants taking larger and larger doses of cannabis over time, so it is possible to develop a tolerance to it. HealthCentral

“I suspect there are some slight overestimates of effectiveness,” said Dr. Cuttler. “My hope is that this research will motivate researchers to take on the difficult work of conducting placebo-controlled trials. In the meantime, this at least gives medical cannabis patients and their doctors a little more information about what they might expect from using cannabis to manage these conditions.”

I also suspect there are some overestimates of effectiveness and without a placebo-controlled study, it is really hard to say with self-reported results. Because sometimes cannabis helps with the perception of pain. So you feel the migraine, yeah, but you are sort of not really focusing on it to be bothered as much by it. Some strains will do that.

For me

Now for migraine relief, my favourite strain is Blueberry Kush. From my limited experience and from my playing around with different pain strains. (You can check out: The best cannabis strains for pain) It is high in THC. But you do not need much if you have a low tolerance like me. Not much at all and the pain is significantly reduced. And that lasts most of the day. You may need to top it up later.

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    1. Yeah, well, I feel No pain really. lmao. Aside from some lingering migraine pain that I just do not notice as much and that can slowly dissipate or not depending. But yeah, it has helped with that ribcage pain and other severer FM pains.


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