I don’t really do videos. I get … nervous. More of a word person than a verbal person. Nevertheless, I thought I would wing it because if I do maybe I will improve slowly as I go along. You never know, eh? This introvert can learn new things… maybe.

If it sounds a bit rambling, well, maybe it is. But it is literally the second time I have ever made a video for anything at all.

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15 thoughts on “Vlog: The worst lesson I learned from pain

  1. You did a great job!! Pushing through pain is so misunderstood. What angers me is that I even told that by my rheumatologist! So I pushed and pushed until my body began mimicking signs of a stroke. That was my wake up call. Pushing through pain all of the time creates more pain than our bodies know what to do with.

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    1. I was so nervous… which is weird because my fear of public speaking shouldn’t be a factor when no one is actually watching me in that moment. lol Nevertheless… it is what it is.


  2. First, you have a very good presence in the video. Very natural, like hearing from a friend, but an educated one😏
    Also, thank you for your words of wisdom. Didn’t sleep last night and my hip has been hurting since Friday when I had a great day of fun with a lot of physical activity. I was going to push through a day commitments, today but instead am now going to take it easy. Luckily, now that I’m retired, I can do that. I had pushed through several years until kast year this time I couldn’t go any longer and went on long term leave that forced my retirement. It’s taken a year to get to the point where I am able to tentatively make plans agsin. However, the temptaion is great to push through because I don’t want to miss out. Today, I will rest because my body is obviously calling for it.

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  3. You did really well on this Vlog! I think your message really is important. I push through all the time then absolutely crash and burn! I grew very tired of existing… I couldn’t keep up with even that, finally losing everything. This, allowed me to pace. I can live again! Great vlog!

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  4. Other comments are correct, it’s like listening to a friend. And I appreciate how honest you are. Can totally relate, because everyday I have to push myself. Thanks Nikki!

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