I wanted to do this video because I think it is implied that we can somehow think our way out of pain like it is some sort of thought experiment.

And while it is very true that CBT is very beneficial for people with chronic pain especially if they have comorbid depression and anxiety we can’t quite think our way out of the pain hole.

There are, in fact, inherent symptoms that come with chronic pain that can sometimes inhibit our progress and coping. Things we can sometimes blame on ourselves. That changing our mindset or thinking about or thinking positive about are not actually going to change. They are fixtures of the chronic pain brain we have to work with. And understand so we do not blame ourselves for them.

Pain is much more complex than just the pain signal itself. And so I just wanted to touch on that a wee bit and maybe I will a little later with more clarity… I had a bit of a wicked migraine which, rather made communication scattered.


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