I decided to do a topic on comorbid depression as a chronic pain Vlog topic this week.

Bad timing really since the weather has given me a wicked high pain 3-day migraine. So every time in the video I look away it is because I lost the word I was thinking of and am trying to find some sort of replacement. Brain fog funsies. Anyway, I had to cut it abruptly at the end because I began to ramble incoherently for a span there and it made it long and rather unnecessary. So it ends … abruptly.

It is a hard topic for me to talk about because it reminds me of a very, deep, dark decade in my life that I almost didn’t make it through. But I did. And so I think it is important to talk about it.

I hope to follow it up with a second one about the things I do or people can do to help cope with depression… although we all are different, I just think it is a good idea when we talk about it that we also talk about that. You never know who might need that support. I briefly mention the major things that helped with my treatment but not all the things I do all the time to help with mood management.

This is some of the darker art that comes with my SAD and this winter. It’s good art therapy I think.

And here is a poem I wrote depressed about relentless chronic migraines and suicidal ideation.

poem- a line so thin.png


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