Okay, cannabis edibles are Finally available in my part of Canada and I do not like smoking pot that much and the drops are hard to predict results for me. I do know for the pain the best rests are high THC for me and studies suggest the same. My favourite strain for pain is Blueberry Kush. You can read more about my experience with pot for pain in the read more section where I will post that. But now edibles are on the market and I get the option of Not smoking but not many edibles are available in my area so there is that.


  1. Only use it if it is legal
  2. Only use if your doctor is aware
  3. Never use it if it is illegal… you have No Idea what they put in there
  4. This is my Personal experience and yours may be different
  5. Be aware if you have anxiety certain strains will make that worse

Cannabis edibles for chronic pain

Edibles have a long-lasting slow burn in the body which makes them ideal for pain and nausea

One has to remember:

  1. Do not take too much too fast because it is a slow burn so it takes a bit to kick in… and if you take too much you will not feel so awesome.
  2. It kicks in at different speeds for different people depending on how fast you are digesting and metabolizing it. So keep that in mind. (15-19 minute range so obviously we all differ there)
  3. Here the edibles come in 10 mg packets. 1-2.5 is good for people who are new to it and generally will provide mild relief of pain and other symptoms. (may improve focus and creativity) 2.5-15mg stronger pain and symptom relief (may cause some euphoria and may impair concentration and alter perception)- for people more used to it and also more aggressive persistent pain levels. Some of us with more tolerance and have used cannabis a lot more medicinally can use 10 mg right off the get-go or More (but for pain studies have shown 10 or less for those less tolerant is effective). But if you have a lower tolerance (me) and you do not have much recent experience with it (me) then better safe than sorry. Start low and see how it affects you so you then Know what your baseline is and then for higher pain what will be needed.
  4. Do not take on an empty stomach preferably and not with alcohol
  5. For the first bit take in a nice, safe, comfortable environment that isn’t going to overstimulate you. I mean, you are in pain, so likely at home anyway, but just mentioning it because if you go out and about you may feel ‘off’.

Dark chocolate Stevia blend

  • Migraine Pain level: 6 (It should be mentioned this is the beginning of a barometric pressure-induced migraine which will get much more severe as the day goes on)
  • Fibromyalgia pain level: 6
  • Dosage: 4 mg

Results First Migraine:

It took maybe 20 minutes for me to confirm it really kicked in.

-1 mg didn’t cut it at all for fibromyalgia or the migraine at all. And by then the migraine was kicking it up. So not cool.

-An additional 1 mg slowly the migraine was going down but like really slow. So I took the 1 mg at 12: 30 and by 4 pm my migraine was around a low 3. So awesome but slow but progressively down. By an hour in though the fibromyalgia pain was down though and my wrist pain which has been severe (I need a brace on it) was down substantially and I didn’t need a brace on it at all. Still have a migraine so might need more than 2 mg for a 6 migraine- like I said migraines are finicky and tend to need a bit of a punch. But I will do with this I think at this level. May or may not bump it up 1 mg more later depending on pain level.

-Took another full 2mg and that helped up until the late evening when pain began to return again. Still with that barometric pressure changes all day that migraine Trigger was damn constant so hard to manage.

Now we can agree that a 6 pain level is nowhere near the level of 7-9 (I never use 10 ranking in pain because what doctor believes That). And those High Pain levels will need more. I will see if by the time I post this I am in that level to see the change in dosage effects. From my experience so far, migraines need a Lot of THC when they are brutal in pain levels to modestly tame. And maybe that would need the actual Kush to tame… but we shall see. But it looks like for a Moderate migraine through the day for someone like me who isn’t used to it at all still need 4mg at Least. So High Pain I will have to go based on that.

Results Second Attempt

  • Hybrid blend 10 mg
  • Milk chocolate vanilla chai
  • The second weather triggered migraine was in the 7-8 range.
  • Fibromyalgia pain 6

I used the 2.5 dosage of chocolate pieces.

-5mg helped for a bit but the migraine came back full force. Began to quite help with fibromyalgia pain but not the severe pain spots.

-Next, another 5mg helped a little bit again but not as much once I hit that 8 pain level migraine pain. And I didn’t take more when it ran out. Helped with all fibromyalgia pain. I didn’t even need my wrist brace.

So I would hypothesize for a migraine in this range I would need 15-20 mg at Least. So more effective actually to just smoke the blueberry Kush… because I do not need much at all and two ‘doses’ of that is good all day (cost-effective as well) Again it is hard to speculate with these weather-induced migraines where the trigger is Constantly being trigger as the pressure keeps changing. So yeah the migraine comes back full blast. And usually, my experience is it doesn’t do that. I relax a lot and it may come back but not as bad as before.

However, for fibromyalgia, it doesn’t take much for some pretty decent results. I have no idea about a Flare-up but I suspect maybe double the dose.


It seemed to be quite effective for fibromyalgia pain at the 5-10 mg range for even the more severe FM related pain.

Fairly effect for a moderate migraine if you are consistent with it. Not quite as effective with a higher range migraine but again I have found high THC works best for migraines. So I think you’d just need more. I was slow and easy taking it. But I think maybe 10mg and another 10 later would be a Better start. And I will try that next time. I have 6mg and the next migraine going for the whole show with it.

It doesn’t seem to affect me much, so there is that. That is a major perk. It seems more a slow body buzz that helps with pain but not getting you Stoned so you cannot function or Do things… you can function perfectly fine with 10 mg. Likely even more. Maybe because of the pain maybe because I am not as sensitive to edibles… not sure. Either way, it does help but for high pain not as much as one might hope. So ice and whatever else you do for your migraine attack is also beneficial. Some pain responds better it seems and some just not quite as well. So dosage would depend on Type of pain as well. Clearly, 10 mg was fine for fibromyalgia pain just not so much for Migraine pain. Clearly, something to think about since I like that I can function on it but it would really depend on what type of pain I am dealing with and the level of that pain. I like the capacity to be able to function on it… so perhaps the price and the increased amount needed would be worth it for the occasional treatment option (out of pocket is a rare treatment option as you can imagine with my strapped finances)

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2 thoughts on “Cannabis edibles for chronic pain

    1. I definitely like them over smoking pot. No pot smell, no harsh smoke, no heavy ‘buzz’… so you can function on them as long as you don’t like have a Whole Lot. Like I once did. lol But otherwise they are a great option.

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