In part II I explain the impact of chronic pain on me… it follows directly from the other video. I had to cut the video as it was a wee bit too long, thus TWO videos!




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4 thoughts on “Vlog: Chronic pain symptoms and impact on me- Part II

  1. This is very good Nikki. I have been struggling lately, the move, and other things that are weighing on me. I am tired and try to pack something everyday I hope I will be ready. It is surprising how much stuff I have in this room lol 😂 and I have gotten rid of a lot. I have always moved too many times in my life, and several times I’ve done it all by myself. I wish I could this time.

    Guy Albert Sent from my iPhone


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    1. Moving sucks. It always sucks with chronic pain and fatigue I find. I Really loathe it so much. I think maybe that is why i just never want to do it again, lmao


  2. such an honest vlog and I have learnt alot from watching it, thanks Nikki. You are very clear in explaining these important issues.
    I hope you are getting many views on these videos as they are so worthwhile for people in the struggle to understand what is going on in chronic pain and also in depression.

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