This is not a sponsored post. I was not given the product or anything to write this post. I am just posting to mention their current offers which they sent to me. Everything I discuss other than that is just me mentioning what I think the benefits are and the research.

I know many of us are self-isolated at home or at the very least social distancing. And that might mean missing appointments or having difficulties with migraine treatments.  It means many of us with comorbid conditions not wanting to leave the house for appoints due to the risk this Cornavirus pandemic represents for us. Like me, I have not left the house in some time now (asthma risk and other issues). In some cases, this may mean missing some migraine management treatments. A good option is at home migraine non-drug devices.

I like this sort of pain management device. First, because they can help manage pain by themselves. Second, because they can help with my existing treatment.

Also I would like to say this one sort of makes you look like a superhero. It sits on your forehead and it looks like you are about to use your mutant telepathic powers for battle. I have a vivid imagination but anyway, stylin’.

I had a conversation with Cefaly for their non-drug migraine device and they are offering a product coupon code for my blog:


It is for $50 USD off purchase of CEFALY Dual device and expires on 6/30/2020.


And for those that Have a CEFALY they have this deal going on:

BOGO 50% off deal for the Electrodes. Electrodes must be same type. 2x limit. Offer ends 3/31.


I am all for these types of non-invasive devices to help out with pain and there is research to show this type the Cefaly uses could be beneficial to migraine management, in the comfort of your own home.


  • Non-drug treatment (which reduces the risk of medication overuse headaches (MOH))
  • Can be used with existing medications without any contradiction
  • An external device, so no surgery to implant it.
  • Portable and you can bring it with you anywhere anytime
  • What is good now is that we can use it at home when we cannot leave the house

What is Cafaly?

It is an External Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation device (e-TNS). It treats migraine with or without aura pain with neurostimulation, by targeting the Trigeminal nerve which is involved with migraine pain.

Things to note

  • If you already have a CEFALY prescription, you can order electrodes to be shipped directly from our warehouse to your door. No leaving the house to a pharmacy if you don’t want to at this time.
  • Also, for people who have the original CEFALY device that looks like a headband, they can send it back and receive a sizable credit toward a CEFALY DUAL ($150 off in the US). The DUAL  comes with two treatment programs, instead of one, and a battery that’s rechargeable by USB. This also means no more scrounging for batteries or going out for batteries. The device comes with a renewed 60-day money-back guarantee.


The research

One study was on acute treatment and its objective was:

To assess the safety and efficacy of external trigeminal nerve stimulation for acute pain relief during migraine attacks with or without aura via a sham-controlled trial

It has 109 participants and was sham-controlled (used a control group with devices that did nothing) and double-blinded. 29% were pain-free in an hour (sham group 6%). 63% had a 50% or greater reduction in pain (sham group 31%)

Conclusion was:

One-hour treatment with external trigeminal nerve stimulation resulted in significant headache pain relief compared to sham stimulation and was well tolerated, suggesting it may be a safe and effective acute treatment for migraine attacks.

Another study looked at migraine prevention:

To assess efficacy and safety of trigeminal neurostimulation with a supraorbital transcutaneous stimulator (Cefaly, STX-Med., Herstal, Belgium) in migraine prevention.

This randomized study had 67 patients in it.

Conclusion suggestion it helps with migraine prevention:

Supraorbital transcutaneous stimulation with the device used in this trial is effective and safe as a preventive therapy for migraine. The therapeutic gain (26%) is within the range of those reported for other preventive drug and nondrug antimigraine treatments.

There is more research but I like showing those because Acute and Preventative which is exactly what we are looking for in migraine management.

I find these sorts of things worth giving a go and have used a few for fibromyalgia and inflammatory pain. Frankly, work better for me than any other alternative treatments I have ever tried and these I can do at home and without a continuous appointment cost (like with massage treatments or acupuncture which both Do Not work for me). So I always give these a go when I can afford them and generally that is when they offer a deal I can take advantage of. So something to consider for your pain management.

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