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A Chronic Voice: May prompts

Prompts for May

  • Foreseeing
  • Panicking
  • Upbringing
  • Accessing
  • Soothing

This month of May is a very high awareness month. Here are some of them:

May Awareness Month

I tend to focus on Fibromyalgia and Mental Health month since they impact me the most. However EDS since I have Joint Hypermobility syndrome and issue with that is also one I am interested in. And I will be posting images and blogging about them this month.


I think lately living in the moment does me better than planning or even thinking about the future just because I am too sick to do much these days. But I ponder and dream and speculate on things I might do in the future that I could conceivably do if I improve just a little bit… and it makes me wonder and hope and think. That time is not now though but I do wonder if in this time of rest and recover if there are things I can do, slowly, over time, that might prepare me for such a future I may foresee. And that I am thinking on. I have very little usable hours in a day so it is tricky but over time, and slowly, maybe.


Is the name of the game lately. My boyfriend was laid off, after he just found a job, after being laid off for some time. But now there are no jobs to even speak of. It is going to be hard economically around her for us. That is a constant stressor and I have been struggling to try and find ways to reduce the cost of everything. But eventually you cannot reduce any more than you have and you are stuck in a spot of making less than your actual bills. Bit of a pickle. Bit of a tricky pickle. That a whole lot of us find ourselves in now.


What I didn’t like is how the entire world realized, hey, we can all work from home. But… when disabled people asked for the exact same accommodation in Most cases it was Impossible. Not so impossible is it. So I do hope after this is all done that accommodation remains in place for those that need it. I do wonder though. Companies seem to resist accommodation.

If I lived alone this pandemic would be a lot harder on me. I am unable to drive. It would be harder for me to get out and about and risky to my health to do so. And if I went to go shopping on the day I get my disability money only to find hoarders basically ran through and took most of the things I needed… I’d have to go without. And that is a level of inconsideration I do not like. The stores around here decided to do the first hour of the day for seniors and disabled for this reason. So they could shop with less risk and be able to get the things they need. And that was a wonderful and thoughtful idea.

It is weird how isolation impacted me. I had a bit of a mental slump. Isolation and depression do not get along and the little socialization I was capable of doing before the pandemic meant a whole lot to me and did a whole lot more for my mental and emotional well-being. Without it I have to really watch my mental health a lot more. It wasn’t a huge slump because I am on my depression med but a slump that certainly was noticeable and a risk factor.


I find maintaining my routines of my hobbies to be soothing mentally. Every day I do a little bit of something I enjoy to relax me. Reading, writing, my creative writing, drawing, blogging. Something. And I just stick to those and it helps with my anxiety about all the uncertainty and it helps with the isolation. A it helps with pain management and mood management. Creativity soothes me in many ways. I think I need it in my pain management strategy and for mood management. Also lately with the vertigo it is something I can Do to some limited extend and that makes me extremely happy it was taken from me like so many other things I find so difficult (like reading is now). So in these times of extra super duper stress I let all that emotional turmoil out in my creative outlets.

Here is some of my recent drawings

I had two poems I wrote inspired by these pandemic times as well

The year that never happened poem
When the world stands still

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25 thoughts on “A Chronic Voice: May prompts

  1. The ability to live in the present without thinking too far forward has become a pretty important skill over the last few months, hasn’t it? Being a little creative every day, whether it’s writing or taking photos, has helped me a lot too. I hope it relieves some of the stress of the current situation for you.

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  2. Yes May is a very busy month but the awareness months are different in the UK to in Australia. IN Australia Mental Health Awareness Month is in October and World Lupus Day is 10th May October is awareness month, It is EDS awareness month though and last year we painted our nails black and white to raise awareness. I love seeing how you express yourself through artworks. Recently with the lockdown I’ve been getting into my art more and I want to buy myself some fresh sketching pencils.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes even canada and the us differ in awareness days I have noticed.
      I love getting back into art after so long. It is a great way to spend the time


  3. Your art work is great, Creativity is such a wonderful way of putting the worries of our health and what’s going on in the world to the back of our mind. I write poetry occasionally but I’ve lost my mojo lately. Maybe I should put some time aside and just get on with it.
    Take care x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would. Poetry is a wonderful way for us to explore our experiences I think. I can only write it when I am in the mood though. Lol


  4. Your poems really express my feelings at the moment, reflecting on the feelings and dreams within my mind, its really giving us time to think about our lives. I love being creative I especially find it the best way to stay mentally well throughout my day, I love doing embroidery it’s my favorite art form but also just doodling or making a new meal gives room for creativity. As a new blogger, I’m enjoying free writing just to let my mind become a little more creative.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Blogging is a great way to work through your thoughts. I love it for that. I was thinking of taking up cross-stitching but I don’t think my nerve damage would allow it. So that is why I returned to drawing… bit easier on the hands even if I can’t do the detail I might desire. Nevertheless, all creative pursuits I find help us cope in so many ways.


  5. Good for you for latching onto your creative side, I know lots of people find that helpful. I like poems but struggle to read capital letters I’m afraid.
    Take care 🙂

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  6. Your drawings are very good! I am returning to my crafting hobby for a little peace during this stressful time. While I am thankful that me and my children are healthy and safe, I just need a break from being parent/teacher/nurturer 24/7. It’s exhausting! My freelance work has been abandoned because I’m too tired to find the words I need. We will get through this.

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  7. Hi Nikki great post this month. I’m glad to hear you are bursting with creativity as you struggle with your health. The poems are so relatable as I introspect and I love sketching yours gave off a mysterious guise. So sorry to hear your partner has been laid off I hope something comes his way soon. Take care x

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  8. Hi Nikki! Your poems and sketches are beautiful! You’re so talented!

    I’ve related to much of what you’ve written here. Honestly, with all the sites I visit, I’ve never heard anyone mention they don’t drive because of illness. I can’t either. I used to drive everywhere and losing that freedom has been hard. On decent days, I still take my scooter out and put around our neighborhood up to the fruit and flower markets, but not very often. Bouncing around on a scooter always elevates pain.

    As for work, I’m really worried as well. We’ve also been reducing as much as possible but I’m not sure how much we can hold out without money coming in. Things are returning to normal here in Taiwan, so I’m hoping with all my heart that June is a better month.

    Thanks so much for sharing. It’s always so interesting to read your posts. Loving the art as well! Take care!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Glad you liked my art and poetry!

      Yeah it is hard to accept I can’t drive and losing that Freedom. I cant just go somewhere if I want to… in normal times that is. Or be independent and drive myself to appointments


  9. It’s brilliant that despite the difficulties of the current situation that you are taking solace in your creativity. A brilliant self-portrait! I have always wished that I could draw! Your poems are compelling, brilliantly capturing the mood of the pandemic so well.

    Liked by 1 person

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