“I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. ”

Wavelife is a wee device to help with pain relief that rather intrigued me. First I will get into what is is said to work for and how it work, and then my personal experience with it.

This is what the Wavelife itself looks like

Our studies validate significant pain-relieving effects. We have found that our product often reduces pain by 50%, or eliminates pain entirely.


Types of pain it is said to handle Well

  • Arthritis
  • Headache
  • Osteoporosis
  • Lower and upper back pain
  • Tissue and bone injury
  • Post surgical pain
  • Muscle sprain or tension
  • Post trauma pain

Types of pain it can work on but not as well

  • Shingles
  • Phantom pain
  • Migraine
  • Neuronal pain
  • MS
  • Hormonal pain
Review- Wavelife

How fast can you see results?

The nature and speed of pain-relieving effects vary depending on the nature and source of the pain. Approximately 80% of users reported significant effects within minutes, hours or sometimes up to a few days.

Wavelife box

What does the Wavelife do?

It uses EMF active material “A patented composite material developed by a team of scientists in Austria that can charge and retain electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) with minimal emission loss, successfully tested by cell labs, practitioners and clinics since 2017.” –Wavelife

The Vital Fields emitted by the cell, influence cell activity primarily through water, which both conducts and absorbs frequencies (the human body is 70% water). The cell targets stressed cells in localized areas of the body, and in case of systemic, non-localized pain, can be addressed through key target areas in the body.The pain-relieving effect can take minutes, hours or up to a few days depending on the individual and the nature of the pain.


I didn’t quite understand what they meant by stimulating vital fields so I looked a little further and found this explination:

Vital Fields enable living systems – cells, organs, and micro-organisms – to transfer information and energy across the system (or body) instantly, helping the body’s cells to repair, regenerate, and protect against life’s cumulative stressors, such as toxins, stress, trauma, injury, and electrosmog.
Vital Fields have been researched and developed over the past four decades by experts, scientists and a community of over 2,800 clinics and health practitioners in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria, who use them in wide health-related applications, from chronic disease to athletic performance.


And HERE you can actually look at their lab research on their product itself and a VIDEO on their science page.

My results and experiment with Wavelife

Needless to say I am intrigued as to whether it would in fact work for any of the pains I have. And I have all sorts of different types of pain to experiment on. Briefly I will tell you the results of my exploration and then go into more detail on my main focus.

  • Fibromyalgia related pain- not so much, no. It isn’t listed on their list though. And FM pain is diffuse pain and it does originate neurologically so maybe that is why it just does not work for this sort of device.
  • Nerve damage- Yes, if used for some time
  • Severe wrist pain (Unknown type of pain- may be arthritis)- yes, worked surprisingly well.
  • Migraine- No. But I have chronic migraine which are daily and I just doubt anything can break that… when it seems like one migraine triggers another. Also on the list this has less significant results.
  • Jaw pain- from migraines but yeah my jaw can be So painful. And yes, it worked for the intense jaw pain relatively well and gave me some serious relief on the facial pain side of things.

My first attempt was on my very severe wrist pain

The weather had gone wonky and my wrist pain had flared up severely. I could not rotate my wrist without pain and like a grinding, cracking, broken glass feeling. I could not lift much of put any pressure on it. And it bloody well hurt like hell.

So the Wavelife comes with adhesive patches you use to apply it to the skin. You can order more of these from the site or use your own. And I applied it to my wrist. It actually didn’t take long at all for me to notice a difference. Suprisingingly short period of time and the pain diminished and then diminished and then diminsihed. I could rotation my wrist and had full range of motion without the grinding and little to no pain. So that was a success.

Every time I used it on my wrist after that it worked exceptionally well or at the least a 50% reduction in pain. Which does lead me to believe this wrist pain is in fact arthritis like I think it is.

Wavelife on wrist

Wavelife on nerve pain

It just so happens that the wrist with the severest pain also has nerve damage from years ago. And the more I wore the Wavelife and I wore it often and for long periods of time… the more I noticed a change in my nerve damage. Like more sensation and less of the glove-like feeling. Less prickling. It was interesting to say the least. I also didn’t notice the deep, deep ache from doing too much with that hand. So that was interesting to note.

My thoughts

I think I need to experiment on it more for my wider areas of pain and using it for longer periods of time for those areas. To see what sort of effect I may get from it.

Either way, for some pains, especially I found specific areas, I had some rather good results in a rather short period of time. Other more diffuse pain, not so much. I tried it on fibro back pain with no result. And old rotator cuff injury and no result. So some areas awesome and some not. But again some take more time, others not very much time at all.

For systemic pain

I tried right at the top of the back there which is supposed to help with Upper body, arms, shoulders, and head. And I wore it for a day and a night. It helped with a headache and with my shoulder pain and also with my persistent lower back pain, which is muscular, from my insistence on sleeping on my stomach. But it needed to be on there for some time.

The middle of the torso helps: The thorax area, between the neck and the abdomen

And the bottom of the foot helps: Lower body and legs. (Swollen feet and legs can be an early symptom of kidney issues.)

You can see these on the site.

Would I recommend Wavelife and continue to use it?

It is $123 dollars so that is not cheap. However, it does last six months so that is a lot of usage for the cost.

I definitely will continue to use it on the places where I know it works. And I will definitely continue to explore using it on the recommended areas they suggest for Wider areas of the body and see if it helps if I leave it on longer. There is no harm in doing so. It is a non-drug device so it conflicts with no medication. It is easy to use. I don’t even notice it on me. It is small. Obviously I can walk about with it on and leave the house with it (some pain devices have the be plugged in so you can’t)

I would recommend it for people with arthritis for Sure since it seems that was my best result (assuming that is what is wrong with my wrists). And even if your pain is intense and specifically located. Or in the categories mentioned for working well in.

I admit I am fascinated by this product. That something so small and simple looking could work so very well in some areas and so very fast when nothing else even touched that pain. It is amazeballs. I was frankly, astonished by it. But my results varied so I know other people’s will vary too depending on the type of pain they have.


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5 thoughts on “Review: Wavelife

  1. Interesting. I worked in vibration analysis for years dealing with harmonics generated by machinery faults. I can see how this works by exciting the natural frequencies in the human body, matching the vibrations to a certain cell or bone structure would be a bit more challenging. Each body has slightly different harmonics making it tough to match but it seems that it would work well if it matches. That may be why it works for certain people’s arthritis and not nerve damage or vice versa. I don’t dought it works if it matches the person’s natural harmonics.

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