Laid out by migraine

Spring means storms and nice weather and storms and then nice and then storms. Barometric pressure changes all over the damn place which means it is indeed Migraine Season

It is driving me up the wall that I am getting migraines:

  • Full-blown middle of the night waking me up
  • Full-blown in the morning
  • Every day high pain severity
  • Lasting way more than 1 day that is for sure
  • Not very responsive to treatment
The weather migraine

Weather triggers are:

  1. Changes in humidity
  2. Changes in temperature
  3. Extremely dry conditions
  4. Extremely dusty conditions
  5. Sun glare
  6. Stormy conditions (obviously)
  7. Barometric pressure changes (Definitely)

A 2013 study out of the University of Cincinnati showed a 31% increased risk of headache and a 28% increased risk of Migraine on days lightning struck within 25 miles of study participants’ homes In addition, Japanese university researchers found that 64% of the patients they track

Migraine Again

What I found interesting was that most people are sensitive to the Rise of pressure or the Lowering of pressure but not Both. Intriguing.

2017 studyTrusted Source in the International Journal of Biometeorology found an increase in emergency department visits for migraines on warm and humid days, and a drop on cold, dry days. Another studyTrusted Source showed an increase in emergency room admissions on hot, dry days. One possible reason for the increase in headaches during hot weather could be dehydration, which is a recognized migraine trigger.

Environmental triggers via WEB MD

  • Weather or barometric pressure changes: 73%
  • Intense odors: 64%
  • Bright or flickering lights: 59%
  • Smoke: 53%
  • Extreme heat or cold: 38%
  • Altitude changes: 31%
  • High winds: 18%

Things that we can do to help with environmental triggers

  1. Stay hydrated: I know you knew I was going to tell you to drink water, right? Well drink a lot of water, damn it! And then drink more. And more. Until you are peeing more than drinking water.
  2. Stay indoors: No, not all the time. I mean at peak heat or light hours. Peak humidity. Times when the factors are most likely to aggravate you. I, for example, go for my morning walk early because it is the best time before it gets too hot and too bright.
  3. Avulux Migraine Glasses– They work exceptionally well for photophobia indoors and outdoors. They block all the aggressive light that aggravates (including blue light) us and let in the frequency of green light that soothes us.
  4. WeatherX earplugs: Help with barometric pressure changes And have an app that will tell you how much of a change is coming and whether it is up or down. You put the earplugs in and it adjusts the pressure as the pressure changes so hopefully, when you take them out you do not get that migraine. It is a bit tricky to figure out the timing that works for you but this is one damn fine product as well.

That being said, these are a very tricky one. And as I mentioned in the beginning of the post I have been being hit it the middle of the night and early morning when I can do nothing. Also so many factors combined is leading to Longer, Intenser migraine attacks. I am getting many severe attacks and I can only use a triptan for 2 days a week. So it has been a struggle to manage the pain. I use a Lot of ice packs, I’ll tell you that. Resting in cool, darkness for some of the day. Limiting exposure to the brightest part of the day. Always wearing Avulux Migraine Glasses. And using my WeatherX earplugs (make sure you get the small size if you have small ears, like if normal earbuds bother you). And even then it is touch and go, man.

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  1. sooo sorry………..Migraines suck and when we work so hard at what we eat, our environment, clothing, posture………and then the weather comes along and we can’t do a darn thing about it!!!

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