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The Allay Lamp intrigued me because of the research I have read going back some time regarding green light and migraine. And I recently found an article on green light looking at treatment for other types of pain like fibromyalgia. I already know FL-41 tinted specs help me with my migraine and fibromyalgia photophobia and in that case, it is because it is filtering out blue light. And we are just well aware with migraine attacks that certain light is worse than others.

Studying how people’s perception of pain changes according to the color of light around them, Dr. Burstein found that headaches felt worse when patients were exposed to blue, red, and yellow lights, but not when they were exposed to a very narrow band of green light. He spent the next two years trying to understand why. What he found was that red, blue, and yellow lights generated much larger electrical signals in the eyes and the brain than the very special narrow band of green light. Smaller signals, he concluded, were less irritating.

Allay Lamp

The science

I should mention some studies before I get into my experience because, frankly, the idea that a frequency of the light spectrum could be soothing to migraine intensity is rather fascinating, isn’t it?

The science behind the Allay lamp

To understand exactly why green light causes less pain to patients with migraines, Burstein and colleagues designed experiments in which they measured the magnitude of the electrical signals generated by the retina (in the eye) and the cortex (in the brain) of these patients in response to each color of light. They found that blue and red lights generated the largest signals in both the retina and the cortex and that green light generated the smallest signals. 

Migraine photophobia originating in cone-driven retinal pathways

we used electroretinography and visual evoked potential recording in patients, and multi-unit recording of dura- and light-sensitive thalamic neurons in rats to show that green activates cone-driven retinal pathways to a lesser extent than white, blue and red; that thalamic neurons are most responsive to blue and least responsive to green; and that cortical responses to green are significantly smaller than those generated by blue, amber and red lights. These findings suggest that patients’ experience with colour and migraine photophobia could originate in cone-driven retinal pathways, fine-tuned in relay thalamic neurons outside the main visual pathway, and preserved by the cortex. Additionally, the findings provide substrate for the soothing effects of green light.

Text: Review- Allay Green Light Lamp for migraine

Image: my allay lamp turned on

How to use

  • Preferably with no other light source including screens
  • Use for 30 minutes, best for 2 hours


  • It is chargeable and holds a charge for about 32 hours
  • If you flip it upside down it has a normal white light lamp
  • It has a dimmer panel to make it brighter or dimmer, for both the green light and white light
  • It has a removable shade, which can be used to direct the light if you desire

My experience with the Allay Lamp

Where and how I used the Allay lamp

  • I used this at night with the removable shade on to direct the light at the wall on the dimmest setting to help me sleep because when I received it I was in the midst of a 2 week constant migraine attack I was trying to kick
  • I used it when I took a bath, which I always do because hot, soothing Epsom salt baths help with my fibromyalgia and this makes for a very soothing lighting.
  • I used to for some relaxation time to read, do some PMR meditation (Progressive muscle relaxation meditation), to read my tarot cards (I recently got these for fun). In a completely dark room for 30 min to 2 hours.
  • I also used in my office for when I do editing in a dark room with it on the highest setting, although I did have the computer screen on but I thought, hey, at least the ambient lighting is so much better


Like I said, when I got it, totally immersed in a brutal two week migraine attack. Not the perfect time to try anything or maybe it is? Either way, the first time I chilled in my dark room with it on I instantly found the green light to be quite soothing. It dimmed my pain while I was in there and for a short time after but the pain returned. And it seemed this way for the next few times I tried it. It was extremely soothing to be in the light but the effect didn’t last. Nevertheless, I really like being in that light.

But then I utilized more times during the day for different things at different times. My wicked migraine broke, finally. And it seemed I was getting some actual intensity benefits. Like by utilizing it so often with my other strategies I was dampening or shortening the attack. It seems to be the more I use it consistently the better response I get outside of using it. So… I am definitely finding ways to use it more and more.

I can definitely say while using it, symptoms are soothed. The light really is perfect for photosensitivity and it dampens the pain as well. That is something you notice pretty damn quick. Just chilling there doing nothing… or whatever you are doing, like reading or whatnot. And for the most part that is all I noticed when I was ‘stuck’ in that severe attack. When that attack ended and I was able to use it at the beginning of an attack and throughout the day…. that is when I noticed it dampening intensity and also shortening attacks. But I am using it consistently for a lot of activities. And I think I will continue on this projection because, damn, it is so soothing in use and also seems to have an effect with continuous use. However, I will have to continue use and track that to see if that is for certain and not a coincidence based on the random fluctuations of my migraine attacks. I feel it is the Allay lamp having an effect because the weather has been so volatile and that is why my migraine attacks have been so severe. I believe it actually is impacting migraine intensity and duration outside of usage.

Can be bought via Amazon as well


Would I recommend to other people with migraine disease or even photophobia due to fibromyalgia… hell yes, is the answer to that. I am quite impressed with this product and it works great in conjunction with my existing migraine toolkit for the management of migraine attacks. They have made a quality product here as well and I believe well worth the price. The very fact it holds a charge so long means I can bring this anywhere in the house with me and use it anywhere and that is a fine feature to have that is sometimes missing from devices. It is just so damn soothing to do things with this on. It is amazeballs. I do wonder if they will come out with specs… because sign me up, man!

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15 thoughts on “Review: Allay green light lamp

      1. Did you try direct from the site… usually that is a way to bypass that. Also if the company does not ship to the UK you can use Reship to set up a US address… it goes there… then you forward it to yourself. That is what I did with them as a Canadian. Reship creates a US, Canadian, and UK address for you to use for shipping issues just like this.

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  1. I don’t suffer migraines as you do, my pain is due to severe Arthritis; like your pain, it is 24 hours in the 10 range. I am not downgrading your condition in the least, in comparison my pain is manageable; I hope that makes sense. Anyways, I’m going to purchase one (through your site) to see if it will help my condition. I am in blinding pain due to deteriorated nerves and destroyed bones in my neck, hips, knees, feet, and hands. I have a hunch it will help, I’ll let you know. Thanks for posting this.

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  2. Ooo this is interesting! Even just a little soothing can be better than nothing. I feel the same with Therapearl ice packs on my head, sunglasses, anything just to make it a teeny tiny bit more bearable while waiting for the prescription meds to hopefully kick in. I wouldn’t mind trying something like this, I’m really curious how it would work..xx

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    1. Something about this frequency of light is so soothing. So very soothing. I am amazed at out it can just like tame the intensity and my photosenstivity at the same time. I really think this is one useful product for us. I am trying to win that Shades for Migraine contest because one of these is the prize… since I have one.., I thought I would do a giveaway for it here but I am way behind on votes so I don’t think it will happen.

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    1. Yes, this is a very interesting product. I rather love it. I am using it Everywhere now. When I exercise in the basement I turn off all the lights and turn this on… just to get more of that awesome green vibe! They made quite the product

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  3. Just ordered mine using your referral code. They were out of stock, so I did a pre-order for when they are back in stock next month. It was not nearly as expensive as I thought it would be after getting all the various discounts. I wish I had ordered it sooner. I’ve been having a lot of painsomnia lately and sometimes I can’t turn off all the lights because of PPPD. Leaving my bedside lamp on helps orient me.

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    1. I also have issues with all the lights off due to vertigo and PPPD- when I did I would slam into the wall if I tried to walk at night. It was not good. I really dig the Allay lap for my migraine management but also do use it a lot for like a soft light to use at night that isn’t going to aggravate my brain.


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