No, I do not have COVID. I got my results because they certainly tested me in the ER. But I had symptoms on the list… and so enters the PROTOCOLS. And I was ushered off to a side room with a few other people. I had to call a number to the front reception desk to sign in even. Us, in this wee room, found that odd. But it was only us that had to sign in this way because of possible infection to others, of course. I had not quite clued in yet.

A visit to the ER with COVID19 Listed symptoms

It is a bad allergy season this year and for some reason it has made my asthma go insane. Still is insane. I can count on one hand the number of times I have used my rescue inhaler in the last 15 years since I was put on Symbicort of my asthma. But this last week it has been 4-6 times a day. And then… it stopped working.

So I had to go to the ER according to 811 (our healthlink number). At the door they get you a mask and you sanitize your hands. And they ask you the symptoms questions as they do at every hospital I have been to recently. Which I flunked because I had a constant, deep, chest cough and shortness of breath. Persistently for days. And not managed by my medication.

BAM COVID protocols initiated. This is a small city hospital. They do not have much space. They have to make due with what they have. So any single person with any symptom on that list was isolated in what I called then COVID waiting room and we could not leave. Can’t say they liked my hacking cough in there.

One woman simply had a migraine. So we had the lights off for her. She asked me if that was fine for me. I said, I too, had a migraine as I have chronic migraine attacks but that is not what I was ‘in for’. I believe she was in the room because she was vomiting due to the migraine and not the migraine but I cannot be sure about that. She was not pleased to find out why her wait was so very extended. And ended up leaving and yelling on the way out… not that I blame her, she was in a crapton of pain and no one with a migraine attack wants to hang out in the ER (it is not a pleasant migraine environment) I too have done that in the past which is why I very rarely go there for migraine attacks… let alone Now.

COVID Isolation

Anyway, it was slow because we had one COVID isolation patient room we were all waiting to get into apparently. Right across the hall. We watched doctors go in and out and nurses go in and out. Put on new gloves, new mask, and a fancy yellow gown each and every time they went in and tossing it all on the way out. So we were there for the long haul.

So I took my inhaler again at 3 hours. 2 more puffs. My cough turned dry. Still had that shortness of breath but not that rough, deep cough. And Now I also had a very severe migraine. From I believe the mask… it has some sort of ‘hospital’ smell that was really aggravating me and at that moment I totally understood my migraine pals vomiting issue. That pain went up to a 9 while the asthma symptoms went down to bearable… still wasn’t managed and hadn’t been all week. I had never had asthma like this. I didn’t know the ‘rules’ on what I could or could not do with my meds.

Hour 5 I get in. I get a swab into the back of my throat for COVID. Fine. Pretty sure I knew that was not the issue since with my health and my unmanaged asthma I’d be significantly sicker. According to my symptoms he was sure earlier I had some passing virus. But not then. He was sure it was just asthma aggravated by the brutal allergy season. He gave me a 2 day dose of steroids to take. Which, by the way, worked Awesome. But now they are done and back to using my rescue inhaler all the time.

He also said I could take allergy meds 3 times a day despite what it says on the box. I was like Really? Well DAMN.


And that if I NEEDED to I could take 3 puffs of my inhaler to stop an attack. Again I was like DAMN I wouldn’t even Be Here if I knew that. But I didn’t. Like I said… I so very rarely Ever needed that. My symbicort Always manages my asthma. I have no idea why it is so nutbars now. Even if it is a bad allergy season why so different than any other bad allergy season?

I don’t get it at all. Freaks me out though. That cough… sounded so much like bronchitis. I could cough and cough and cough deep down in my chest. Sounded so deep and horrible. And the wheezing. Man. Not cool. But they did a chest X-ray and I am all good. So just the asthma. So weird. I do Not likey. Especially if I happen to get COVID NOW… that wouldn’t be good at all with the asthma this out of control. But I think the risk here is quite low. Assuming people do not starting doing things and gathering in the nice weather that is… assuming that.

Anyway, for such a small hospital they are doing all right given the province has such low numbers. However, if those numbers spike… they will quickly and rapidly be overwhelmed there. I imagine most cases will be shuffled to the city and out of here. I don’t think we are equipped to handle much here. Nevertheless, I am glad I wasn’t there for something like that asthma attack I had a month ago that woke me up and took hours to tame with a lot of overuse of my puffer… because I may have just keeled over waiting in that isolation room. That was a sure sign my asthma was getting out of control right there as it is extremely rare for me to have a full-blown asthma attack let alone one that doesn’t respond right away to my inhaler and that one Did not. And then it got this way, daily and finicky and so much coughing and wheezing. Beats me. But I will do as the doctor said and see if I manage the allergies I can get a damn grip on the asthma.

He said if he gets really out of control, as it had been that one night, I could come back in and should come back in. I’m like… yeah… that is Not happening… not unless all this is over and done with… but thanks. I mean, I am a high risk person for COVID19 so going in and sticking me in a high risk isolated room of potential COVID19 patients seems like a very bad idea for some reason to me. I would rather skip that. Also would like to breathe though. So it will depend on how bad that is.

Funny how something totally managed just goes nutbars like that. This is not a condition I have worried about since I was put on the preventative inhaler. Which I was Put on because I Sucked at managing it… I wasn’t taking my inhaler when I should, like short of breath, because I am so used to feeling fatigue and feeling like crap I couldn’t honestly tell when I needed to. Thus the symbicort which managed it perfectly. Until this crap-fest of a year.

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9 thoughts on “A visit to the ER with ‘COVID19 listed symptoms’

  1. Minus the migraine issues, this is almost exactly what happened to me in December. When I was finally well enough to go out, I had an xray to see if I had pneumonia, which I didn’t, but my doctor gave me antibiotics for it just in case, which I took. This was after being almost completely incapacitated for most of December. Slowly got better, but was extremely weak, and it took three months to get over that bit. Early April before I felt relatively normal again. Allergy pills had no effect, inhalers had no effect, mucilex ? had no effect. Nothing had any effect. I just slowly, very slowly started to get better and be able to breath again. Scary.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Basically as soon as allergy season started something went nuts. And then it was downhill from there. Not sure why this year is so weird though. i do not like it at all.


  2. So glad you’ve found out some things that can help you if you get bad again like this. Boy, though, crazy that you didn’t have issues like this before. It certainly would be scary arriving at a hospital with so many of the COVID-19 symptoms.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was sure that wasn’t what it was but it sure did seem like bronchitis. But it was freaky my asthma is so out of control this year. I’m going to have to get that under control


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