I won the last category of prizes in this year’s #ShadesForMigraine contest and in it you win a prize package. There is always something interesting in there. 1st prize came with an Allay Green Light lamp (Coupon here) for example and that is a product I adore and would recommend to anyone with migraine disease.

Some swag in the prize package

  • T-shirt
  • Sunglasses
  • Tote bag

And some intriguing migraine products

The Wand Wine filter by PureWine

These are fascinating little filters that look like tea bags on a stick you just put in your wine for a wee bit and it filters out A) sulfites and B) Histamines. I have a bad reaction to wine. Actually, I get migraine attacks from wine, likely, I have read from the histamines. And these do actually help me. Some people they do not. Some people they do. I leave them in as I drink though so maybe that is why. But, yeah, I have been able to drink wine… as rarely as I ever do drink. So these are pretty cool.

WeatherX Pressure Filtering Earplugs

These come with an alert app to tell you when the pressure is changing and therefore when you will need to use them… to prevent like weather related migraine attacks. They work very well indeed. I did have to muck about with the timing of when to use them and how long worked for me. And there is a difference between drops in barometric pressure to increases- most people get a migraine from one or the other, not both, so it is good to figure that out as well. Anyway, weather triggered, and pressure related, migraine attacks are brutal and very hard to treat so these are pretty amazeballs.


So this is another naturally reducing pressure in the head device, not specifically for changes in barometric pressure, but rather when you get a headache or migraine attack. You simply deflate by pressing the balloon. Press into ear like an ear plug to seal and let it hold there for 20-30 seconds on each ear. That’s that. And I have tried it several times. It Does reduce Migraine pain. I have never had it get rid of it. But it does Reduce the intensity so combined with ice, or the other things I do… this is an awesome tool for sure considering you do not do much at all.

Ginger and Gin-Gins!

Ginger is great for nausea and migraine. But also they are delicious. I LOVE Gin-Gins… and I put those rescue ones in my purse… and the rest on the table to just chew as needed. They offered a whole selection for this contest and they are all awesome! I have only a few left.

So it was a great migraine prize package to win for sure. And all of these are excellent products. I really appreciate everyone who voted for me as these products are all things someone with migraine disease can use to manage the attacks in various situations.

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