I have fluctuated in my weight from 120 pounds to 170 pounds. And I don’t eat any different. I do have hypothyroidism. And we are put on 101 medications that cause weight gain so That is a fun adventure.

“Eat when you are hungry. That is your body telling you when it needs food.” So apparently this is a very false idea that I have heard before for someone like me that has very little actual appetite. It has led to not eating as I should and not even realizing it because I am not at all hungry.

I have not thought much about diet really aside from avoid junk and eating less processed food. It is time I begin to.

Chronic pain: my diet and exercise

Lost weight

Anyway, when I randomly and spontaneously began to lose weight rather fast and no for no reason my doctor was concerned and did some tests and whatnot. Never figured that one out. However, she did get me to track my calorie intake on an App called My Fitness Pal.

That App told me I was not eating enough. I was always under 1200 calories. At that time I was trying to Maintain weight so that was not good. I kept having to have extra snacks to make it to 1200.

Gained weight

Well, then I gained it all back, fast and back up to my max weight. I am concerned. I do not want to keep gaining weight. I do not know if it is medications or what. Anyway, she said to count my calories Again and to reduce them and increase my protein to lose weight. Sounds reasonable.

I go back to the App and again start tracking and Again I am not eating Enough. Still below 1200 so WTF? Literally I change Nothing and my weight goes all over the place.

Well, one shouldn’t be eating that little. It can slow your metabolism, for one, because your body thinks it is starving. Negative side effects of eating less than 1200 calories a day. So she is not right that I need to eat Less. I need to eat More. Ironically. Even though, yes, I need to lose weight. In my case apparently I simply am not eating enough to sustain myself properly and it is mucking about with my metabolism.

So what does that mean for my diet?

  1. Eat a minimum of 1200 calories a day
  2. Increase my protein and decrease my carbs
  3. As usual, limit processed foods
  4. Apparently, eat snacks to be able to reach 1200 and besides that small meals and small snacks works well for IBS-D.

That is all for now. I want to see if I can maintain a healthy calorie intake and eat the right amount of protein I need in the day to function well. If weight continues to be an issue I will bring it up to my doctor because at that amount, it likely is Not My diet. Which is not junk food heavy at all. Just normal stuff.

And maybe once I get this eating thing properly sorted I can try a diet that may help with my symptoms. But that, well, is so debatable. Since one works well for migraine disease and quite another for fibromyalgia. So… which do you pick?


Benefits of exercise

My doctor wants me to exercise and so do I. It is important when you are disabled and not moving as much to include movement in your day. Like a 15-20 minute walk. So, yes, I agree. And I have focused more on exercise than diet. When the pain was modestly managed I got up to 20 minutes on my stationary bike 4 times a week. But then the vertigo hit and I couldn’t do it anymore. Which led to a Lot of rest due to the vertigo and more pain, due to too much rest. And then slowly I started with walks which was working somewhat but the pain level in my legs prevented me from exceeding 15 minutes. That was when I asked for a medication change to help with this and we shall see if it does because the pain has been so bad I haven’t been able to even do a 15 minute walk without a lot of pain.

My body on the other hand, has been in a massive amount of pain due to fibromyalgia and the vestibular symptoms do not exactly help with any exercise. So it doesn’t agree with my brain that I need exercise… it just wants to Not do that. Specifically my increase in pain has been my legs. My feet hurt like Hell, and my calf muscles feel like the tendons and ligaments have stretched taunt and every movement is a pull of pain. Not counting my usual leg pain. So it isn’t exactly easy to exercise when it is like walking on fire.

So I have to start infinitely slow. I am starting with physio stretches aimed at strengthening and stretching my legs. And then aim for short 10 minute walks. So bit by bit I have to slowly increase what I can do and hope pain does not interfere too much. My doctor has me on flexeril to help manage the pain and little so I can hopefully walk more.

Exercise is a main component to fibromyalgia treatment and I am aware of that. I am not arguing for sure. It just is pain management is necessary to help sometimes because sometimes it impairs our ability to just function let alone exercise.

However, it is important I do what I can. Every bit counts and eventually you do build up a bit more endurance. It is a difficult task which is why it has to be taken so slow when you are considering pain, fatigue, and vertigo. Just bit by bit.

Exercise and chronic pain

Obviously Diet and Exercise are Major categories and Goals. So both must be eased into slowly by smaller goals and increments so that I do not become overwhelmed.

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4 thoughts on “Chronic pain: My Diet and exercise

  1. This was very helpful. A nurse told me my metabolism is almost non-existant, and it doesn’t seem to matter what I do, I just gain weight. Being on Prednisone long-term hasn’t helped, either. But eating more often is doable, if I set reminders cause I just forget to eat a lot of the time, and am going to give this a serious try. Thanks for the info.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hadn’t noticed at all this was an issue until my doc told me to track calories. I didn’t realize my lack of appetite had put me that far under where I Should be. But it sure didn’t do anything for my weight! But then- it messes with your metabolism so who can say? Either way, it is not good to have it that low for sure. I am consistently at the mark or above now that I am tracking.


      1. Good luck with it. I am going to work at eating every three hours or so, hoping it will be good and not junk food. Kind of defeats the purpose then, I think. 🙂 I do tend to eat whatever is easiest. Open box, eat contents. Like that.

        Liked by 1 person

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