We all do a whole lot to manage our migraine disease aside from medication. And medication doesn’t really help me since I am non-responsive to preventatives. So there are a whole lot of things in my toolkit that I utilize to help me manage my daily migraine attacks.

What I use for my migraine management

Ice Therapy


I have more than one thing I use for ice therapy. Use one up and then use another back-up. You need a good 20 minutes of ice therapy for it to lower you on the pain scale. But you may need a second go of it later. Or you may need to wait for freezing time, so I always have backups

IceKap: this one I highly recommend and is my favourite by far since it stays cold the longest and has full head coverage.

Magic Bag: This I use for ice treatment, but also for hot treatment as needed for other pain management. I have this one for my forehead or neck. And then a large one for my chest (fibro chest pains)

And then my 3rd back up is a simple gel ice pack.

WeatherX earplugs

WeatherX earplugs

These WeatherX earplugs help with adjustments in barometric pressure and come with an app to tell you when to use them. Weather-related migraine attacks are brutal and these help me a great deal.

Allay lamp – green light

Allay lamp in use pic
Reading with allay lamp

You can check out my post on the Allay Lamp. And you can buy it with a discount. The spectrum of green light they use is awesome on migraine photosensitivity. I go into the bedroom turn that one and chill under it for a couple hours and my migraine intensity drops. While under it I do not have that insane light sensitivity. I adore this product. If I have an extremely brutal migraine like I had recently I chill with this for more time but it really helps me. It is just so soothing.


I do various meditations and relaxation breathing for migraine and sometimes I like guided meditation for when I am not feeling well. I do these whether I have a migraine or not to manage stress. And when I have a severe migraine I favour relaxation breathing as it is so much harder to focus on anything. But any other time meditation relaxes me and if I can relax my mind I am less likely to take a downward spiral in my mood due to the pain.

Mindful Meditation for Pain Relief is one I very much enjoy and keep on hand.

For apps my favourite has always been Buddhify

Zok relief device

Zok relief device

The Zok relief device is another naturally reducing pressure in the head device, not specifically for changes in barometric pressure, but rather when you get a headache or migraine attack. You simply deflate by pressing the balloon. Press into ear like an ear plug to seal and let it hold there for 20-30 seconds on each ear. That’s that. And I have tried it several times. It Does reduce Migraine pain sometimes and definitely for a headache. I have never had it get rid of it. But it does Reduce the intensity from time to time and it is so simple that, hey, I definitely give it a go because it is just so simple. And when it works it does notch that pain down. I’ll take that.

Migraine FL-41 tinted specs

I have 3 pairs of migraine tinted specs. Different styles and degrees of coverage. They greatly help with photosensitivity. The pair I am featuring here is from Theraspecs and is the Haven style. It helps with working on the computer, florescent lights, sunlight… hell, I wear mine all the damn time frankly. I have a couple pairs without prescriptions because I only need a mild eye script… and one pair with the eye script for when my eyes are tired.

Migraine Balm

A good migraine balm is great for the forehead, temples, sometimes jaw area and neck, sometimes even shoulders. I use it a Lot. And really I like a balm with a crapton for menthol in it. Super strength if I can get it. And, also cool for my other various pains.

Tiger Balm is one that has Camphor and Menthol that I like because I can get it on Amazon which makes it easier to find.

Battle Balm is the best one I have found so far and has no SLS or parabens in it. And is quite strong at Demon Strength. But I have to order it from the site and it isn’t as cheap so I don’t get it as often. But it is the best I have found. It has a high amount of menthol but also a whole lot of other things in there. And it works for a lot of my pain. So I do love this as a pain balm all around.

I also have a few more milder ones I use from times to time. Hell, I have a collection. Scent wise I am rather careful. No extra fragrances EVER. Battle Balm has a strong scent but it is very menthol/wintergreen scent that I can tolerate. Essential oils or whatever some companies do… not so much. And if they add fillers and scents I may be allergic.

Cefaly device

Me using the Cefaly device

I have written about the Cefaly device. It can used for migraine prevention or for a migraine attack and is the newest addition to my migraine toolkit to manage my migraine disease.

In addition to these there are other things I do for migraine management:

  1. Take a B complex of vitamins
  2. Hydrate with water regularly
  3. Exercise- but this has been compromised by pain and vertigo lately. However, in the past I aimed for 20 min of aerobic exercise 3-4 times a week.
  4. Wear a hat and sunglasses outside and do not go out during peak heat and light conditions if possible
  5. Ginger or peppermint tea for nausea. Or ginger candies called gin-gins.
  6. Epsom salt bath
  7. Cannabis edibles and CBD cream
  8. Rest if needed

We all have our ways of managing and coping. It can be tricky when migraine attacks are chronic. We have to do whatever works for us.

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19 thoughts on “Things I use for migraine management

      1. My daughter has an allergy to sulphates and believes that is the trigger.
        My son hasn’t been to identify a trigger. Consequently he had a nasty one come on yesterday , took medication which did help to relieve it. Today he is at home resting…poor soul.

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  1. This a very thorough list. You’ve tried/use a lot of things! I just interviewed (and wrote a post) about a young woman who has complex migraines with aura (along with some other chronic pain conditions and blindness) due to being shaken as a baby causing brain damage. She’s working on getting her 2nd master’s degree. I included your migraine posts as additional resources.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. O’ I so know what you mean when you mention a crapton of menthol for the balms! I don’t know if this is turning into an unhealthy habit, but as soon as I can feel the early signs of a migraine, I know the trigger areas on my face and apply the balm which in recent times has reduced the intensity and while that’s applied, I boil ginger in water and sip that for the rest of the day to help reduce the inflammation I get on the side of my head. I love the idea of the Allay lamp – it seems like it’s worth the try 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ginger has the bonus of also being good for nausea so it has a two for one punch… that is why I go for ginger tea first, and peppermint second. But yes, a good migraine balm is always my first action as well, in all the tension zones. Then some ice therapy.

      I have to say the Allay lamp is a new fav on mine. I can just chill under it. Do progressive relaxation meditation, ice therapy, read, listen to tunes… whatever and it is just so soothing and begins to reduce the intensity by itself.


  3. This is such an excellent list of resources that I need to reshare a couple times! I am curious about some products for other issues too so might check them out. And yay for tiger balm from Singapore! Ironically I’m not fond of the smell as it reminds me of old people who use them them a lot haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Battle Balm is more a strong wintergreen smell. But strong. I don’t mind it because it doesn’t smell like arthritis cream we have here which I rather do not like… makes me nauseated.


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