This year I could not go see my mom due to the pandemic and the current regulations. I could not go visit friends either. However, since my father is single and lives alone we were able to have him over for a visit and that was an awesome bonus.

Charlie helps us prepare of Christmas

I got a Magic 8 Ball from my spouse as a gift. I don’t know how he remembered me talking about it. But he did.

I asked it: Will 2021 be a good year? And it responded: Don’t count on it.
Boo! lol

Me, with my wild morning hair, that has not been cut in some time. lol

I had a morning migraine. Not unusual. I took a triptan and managed it pretty much all day. I rested more than a few times to at least slightly control the dizziness and vertigo so I could socialize with my spouse, brother and sister-in-law. (They live with us, so we did get to spend Christmas with them which was quite nice). I don’t even know if these lockdown restrictions were Not in place if I would have been able to go out and about to socialize much anyway given the severity of the vertigo these days… it really limits my capacity to be upright. So maybe it is best that we couldn’t because I don’t feel so bad being stuck at home.

I had some very thoughtful gifts this year and I appreciate every single one of them. New PJs, a heated blanket, some art supplies. And I think I did well choosing gifts as well within my limited budget. We all went together for gifts (my spouse and I, and my brother and SIL). I like to get something even if I can’t spend much because it means something to me to do so. So sales and made gifts and not too bad overall.

Anyway, it is the time together that means more than anything and that is what makes this Christmas different. The inability to visit with a lot of people I would normally try to see. However, since my brother and his girlfriend moved in to help us with bills we did get to spend it with them and that did make it a lot better than if it was just me and Martin.

We all chilled after opening presents. And watched 3 Star Wars movies.

My spouse made a spectacular dinner. He bought a turkey that was too big because he went to the supermarket without his spectacles and mixed up pounds with kgs. So we are making soup and will have sandwiches and will bring some leftovers to my mom. Which is all good- you can make a lot of meals with leftover turkey.

I think we all made the best of this pandemic Christmas. We decorated. We had a dinner. We chilled and chatted and binged some movies.

It was a Good day.

And I let myself enjoy this day without worrying about next year. Because in January my spouse’s unemployment insurance runs out and things will get even trickier around here. We will do the best we can. And that is just the way it is. So I just chose not to think about all the stresses right now. And let myself just BE. Let myself be grateful and thankful for what I do have and the day I did have.

No Christmas is going to be perfect. And with chronic illness often we have to compromise anyway. So I am reminded that almost all Christmas Days can be a bit different for me depending on how I feel that day or week or month. It is never good to have Expectations. It is far better to go with the flow and to just enjoy what the holidays brings to you.

I hope you all had a pleasant holiday season with some joys in there as well. I hope we all have a better new year than this last year past, with less stress, better health, and hopefully, for those of us affected in various and many different ways by the pandemic, I do hope things do improve next year. Stay safe and I hope you are all well!

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2 thoughts on “A different Christmas

  1. I’m glad you had a “spectacular dinner” and people to share it with. I agree with you about tnot having expectations, but just enjoying the moment. I hope 2021 is good to you and your family. We can always hope.

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    1. My spouse did a fine job of cooking dinner. It is only the second time he has ever made turkey before. So sort of winging it. But he has a talent for cooking I definitely do have, even if I had the energy to try. Literally can only cook out of a box myself lol

      I really hope 2021 is better for us all. The potential is there, I guess. I worry a lot about it and that anxiety is hard to shake. But not like I can control much about it. In many ways, we survive the best we can no matter what.


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