Okay, this year sucks. A lot. For everyone. Usually, I can say it was a bad year, for me, and that would be that. But in this case, it was pretty much a year that impacted every single person in some way. It is going to take a little time for the world to recover from all that.

Title: Top posts of 2020 and end of year remarks
Image:  Blurred man in a facemask in foreground. Woman in a facemask in the background.

So let’s start the end of year review with Pandemic Posts

These are not the sort of posts one hopes to ever make again. Ever. It is unusual circumstances that impact many people with chronic illnesses and disabilities in several ways.

Coronavirus: Tips on being stuck at home
Coronavirus: Isolation
Coronavirus: the chronic illness view
Pandemic life vs. Disability life for me
Chronic illness: Pandemic stress
Pandemic: Disabled voices are not heard
Chronic pain and the pandemic

It is not like all this poofs out of existence on January 1st, 2021 but, at least, there are vaccines that are being rolled out. And so that does mean eventually it will slowly improve as 2021 progresses. The economic impact though will be felt for quite some time. Those of us waiting on delayed medical treatments and appointments will eventually get those in the new year, it is just all piled up and exhausted medical professionals still dealing with the pandemic have to deal with that priority first before getting to that backlog. So, yeah, this pandemic has caused a lot of stress, of all different sorts, and that isn’t going to dissipate quickly but it will ever so slowly begin to change.

Top Post of 2020

The top post of 2020, written in 2020, was:
Fibromyalgia: Restless Leg Syndrome

I wrote that one because I have had RLS for some time, without really because aware of it, because I managed it and coped with it. Besides I had severe insomnia anyway so Not sleeping was my forte. But then it just went nuts. And the Restless Leg Syndrome got to the point of painful sensations and impossible to manage and impossible to sleep with. I needed different treatment for it and that is when I got officially diagnosed by my neurologist.

It was due to this article that began to write for a Restless Leg Syndrome site

I have a few articles posted on there so far actually and you can check them out Here.

Review: Allay Green Light Lamp

This review is for migraine attacks and the Allay lamp which is a green light. I adore this light. Absolutely recommend it. And I use it all the time.

Top posts of the year

  1. Fibromyalgia: Leg and foot pain
  2. Highly Sensitive Person and chronic illness
  3. How to understand someone with chronic pain
  4. Open letter from a person with chronic pain
  5. Chronic illness: Work burnout

It has been a rough year for many of us in many ways. It seems to me, when society as a whole suffers, when we are disabled with a chronic illness it is inevitable we will suffer more. It is part of the equation. We are not considered valid or important in regular times and therefore we slip even lower on the scale of importance in times of economic hardship and societal stress brought on by any crisis but certainly a pandemic the likes we have seen. Everyone is under immense strain. It is magnified when you are on a fixed income or in your financial situation becomes dire. Or you can’t get management of your medical condition. Or extreme isolation and mental illness. I know we all have our effective coping strategies but I also know those are put under a lot of strain this year. Especially when we are isolated from our friends, family and support system or even caregivers.

However, we endure and persevere. Day by day. Inch by inch, if we must. Next year will be a year of slow growth but it hopefully will be in the right direction.

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