I know we are all different and as such every single person responds differently to different things. So I am just going to give you a wee peek into my daily routines in a super helpful way. Just the general stuff. Reflecting on a really good day. And it is so very super-duper too. You will find it insanely helpful in that nothing I mention will be New to you and yet… it will be oddly compelling this time, the 50000001 time you have heard it suggested.

*Results may vary from nothing at all to OH MY GOODNESS I AM CURED.

Title: Some Super-Duper helpful quick tips for your daily health
Image: man on a cliff overlooking the ocean doing the tree yoga pose

Quick tips for improving your health- my daily suggested routine

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Take vitamins and supplements
  3. Oh, you peed all the water out. Drink more.
  4. Eat non-processed food. Actually NON- everything food. If it is NON eat that.
  5. Wait. Remember to ask your doctor about those vitamins and supplements. They may conflict with your medication or be completely unnecessary.
  6. Fill your pill sorter with your medications so when you take them you don’t go ten minutes later ‘Uh, did I take that pill?’
  7. And meditate. And that is how you get a pet in your lap. Meditate, and petting the pet, meditate, and pet…
  8. Drink more water.
  9. And pee.
  10. *insert random hobby activity here* If you have no hobby may I suggest *Insert list of hobbies here*. And if you do not want to pick up a hobby may I suggest *read ALL the BOOKS*
  11. Long nap. Really long nap such that when you wake up you are not entirely sure what dimension you are in.
  12. Do some mild to moderate exercise
  13. And because that really hurt let’s fit in a good rage scream right here
  14. More Water! More peeing!
  15. Remember don’t skip meals. Oh. You’re full on water. That’s weird.
  16. Eat a lot of kale. No reason. Just kale. (Feel free to skip this one. I do.)
  17. *Insert self-care of your choice here.*
  18. Relax before bed. Remember routine sleep is essential. Go to bed at the same time. Get up at the same time.
  19. Time for bed!
  20. Uh, time for bed????
  21. I can see you’re not sleeping.
  22. Sleep! For the love of all that is holy, Sleep!
  23. There you go. All snug in the blankets.
  24. After you toss and turn for an hour to get the exact comfortable position for your pain you should drift off.
  25. Oh, you have to pee again. Yes, well, water does that. Maybe while you’re up, have a glass of water…

You’re welcome.

You get the idea. Day to day, we have a lot of little things we do that benefit our well-being in various ways. I sometimes think we do not give ourselves enough credit for all the coping skills we utilize on a daily basis to cope the way we do. It may be we are not functioning the way we want to. Or doing as much as we wish. But if you look at all the things you are doing to help yourself cope… it is a Whole lot. And we progress and adapt over time. We pick up new things. Discard other things. Constantly improving our coping skills. It’s pretty impressive really.

It’s funny but I do try to meditate, take my essential vitamins and supplements, stick to routine, modestly exercise, eat well, keep to a good sleep routine, drink an Abundance of water. And so forth and so on. It is just that I can joke around about all the things I do every day to just try to even maintain This state. It is just some days those are hard routines. And I do wonder all the time if any of them make a difference but I do them because I think there are accumulated effects… maybe. And it is something I will progress with, as we all do, in increments knowing every teeny tiny bit adds up.

And not very many people I know, know all the many, many things I do to actually be in the state I am. BUT if there are benefits to what I do … one does wonder what state I would be in Otherwise. A puddle of motionless goo? I have no idea, man. Sometimes the benefits are so hidden you just don’t notice them until you stop the behaviour.

And not everything one person does works for another person. We are all different, even with the same condition but in all likelihood, we have a different assortment of Those as well.

Final tip

If it works for you, keep doing it. If it doesn’t work for you, then don’t do that one.

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8 thoughts on “Some super-duper helpful quick tips for your daily health

  1. Yes, all the things we do every day. I will admit that if I don’t drink enough water, I get a headache every time. Usually just as I get comfortable enough to fall asleep at night, then I have to pee.

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    1. I drink so much water in my attempts to decrease caffeine. I don’t like sugary drinks even juice as they make me nauseated. But I am Constantly thirsty. So a Lot of water it is.


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