We had a surprisingly nice and pleasant start to the winter. AND then we were slammed in February with quite the downturn but also erratic shifts in barometric pressure. For me, this means high fibromyalgia pain, more weather trigger migraine attacks and even vestibular attacks if the barometric shifts are significant enough. So wild and frigid winter weather is not fun at all.

Title: When chronic pain is high with winter weather
Image: Two people in winter gear, sitting down facing away and looking into the distance

Lack of productivity

And so I have actually had several days of being completely laid out all day. It happens. Just the way it is with chronic pain. It’s the life. No need to feel guilty about that fact. We have to roll with the punches.

And, yeah, we may feel that distinct lack of productivity. Because we can’t function. So we are not productive. Clearly. But it is a fact that not every moment of your existence is designated for Productivity. No one’s life is. And certainly, ours is a wee bit more unpredictable than the average day-to-day existence.

Lack of distractions

I can want to do something to distract from the pain and still be utterly incapable of doing anything to distract from the pain. Certain levels of pain allow for certain levels of distractions and it shrinks the higher the pain gets. Mine has been so high it allowed for none of the above. I was on the couch and able to watch TV but nothing that required actually paying attention to anything On the TV. So no binging a showing I like or watching a movie I wanted to see. I had no concentration or focus. And I was so drained I was napping off and on mostly.

And Another Migraine

For the love of all that is holy, WHY! Another one. This weather is driving me up the wall!

Okay, back to the post.

A lot of rest. A lot of self-care.

We have to stick to the basics. A lot of rest. A lot of self-care. And the self-care is all high pain management self-care. What you do that helps you get through or better manage the pain. And what you do is likely entirely different than what I do.

I try to stay very relaxed and keep my mood level. I do relaxation breathing and a meditation designed to relax the muscles because tensing up is pretty easy to do when the entire body hurts. A lot of gentle neck exercising because, man, these highly intense migraine attacks really get to the neck. And a lot of ice treatment due to that as well. Hot Epsom salt baths, when I have the energy for it.

But it is a hard stretch to get through. Just have to ride it out as best we can.

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8 thoughts on “When chronic pain is high with the winter weather

  1. This post is so validating! The start of winter was so smooth for me and I thought I was doing well managing my symptoms. Then February hit and I found all the migraines and fog-days I missed in November-January. Spending most days in bed these days but glad to hear I’m not alone.

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    1. Yeah it has been so rough in February. But I have to say I have noticed this pattern in past winters. It just really amps up my pain overall. This year though with warm beginning to the winter then a horrible cold snap in Feb- barometric pressure is ALL over. It sure has knocked me on my butt too.


  2. I can’t tell you have nice in a terrible to describe exactly what happens with me. It is so impossible for other’s to understand when we look fine on the exterior. I include doctors in this group.

    I hope you are able to get a little relief, if at all possible….sigh

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