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Prompts for March:

  • Incorporating
  • Breathing
  • Smiling
  • Stopping
  • Relishing

Something about March always tricks my brain into thinking it is Spring. Around here that is never the case. But this year it sure does feel like it. It is warm and the snow is melting. It is so nice. But it could be a fool’s spring and we could get dumped on with snow at any minute. But I will take what I can get. I love the nice weather and it is a real mood booster.

Text: March spring and incorporating new coping strategies 
Image: Cherry blossom trees


I have incorporated the Avulux migraine glasses into my regular routine to manage my photophobia and migraine intensity. I am going to review them soon actually. I love the look of these specs. The style they have for them is awesome. Anyway, the review is coming up soon for these.

Me wearing my Avulux glasses

I have started using a new app to help improve my well-being called Mayv. I will be reviewing this soon once I check out all the features and give it a real go. It has so much to explore. So many things I want to check out. I am quite into this app.

They also have CBD products I am trying out to see if it helps with management. I am writing on fibromyalgia and CBD research actually because I am interested in what the research says for fibromyalgia.

I’m always incorporating things to try and improve functionality and overall well-being. The last little bit was Consistently taking the vitamins and supplements I know I need to take. Another has been trying to exercise with this persistent dizziness and vertigo which is extremely tricky and complicated a lot by the fibro and migraine attacks- so a very slow process.


I am really into relaxation breathing actually. I find a great way to calm myself down when I am in pain.

One is the 4-7-8 breathing.

One that I use the most is the 4-6 relaxation breathing

  1. Sit comfortably. Sit upright with spine straight.
  2. Inhale through your nose for 4 counts, letting your chest and belly expand.
  3. Slowly exhale through your mouth for 6 counts.
  4. Do for about 10 minutes, or longer if needed.

Breathing with the pain

There is another exercise I learned that is part visualization and similar to the 4-6 count. It is the same setup for the breathing but you imagine breathing into the pain (I choose whatever area is Most painful) and then breath out consciously relaxing your face, jaw, neck and shoulders. And this one just mellows me out.


I am a goofy person so there is not a day that goes by I am not smiling and/or laughing at something. Literally. And what I currently am smiling at is that March feels so very much like Spring here which means I can get out and about for walks again.



I am relishing spring as I said in the beginning of the post. I know it is still a pandemic. I know things are not all that great right now but I try to see the good gleams of sunshine, man.

I have really enjoyed working with SleepDisorders.net Restless Leg Syndrome site as a writer. It gives me the flexibility I need. And, man, I have learned a lot in the process of writing posts.

I have also been so excited and enthusiastic to work with some people lately for projects. I have been really enthusiastic about some of the things I have found beneficial lately. And when I find something like that I like to share it. It excites me. I also am working on presenting things on my social media in new ways and that is a new project for me.


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8 thoughts on “March spring and incorporating new coping strategies

      1. Here it is just the cold and the snow it feels like winter never ends. But this year has been very peculiar and short. So this March has felt so spring-like to me.


  1. Nikki, I love your humor (in your posts and writing). You often make me grin and even lol. I am reading your real FIBRO Manual currently. Your sarcasm comes through brilliantly;) I’m interested in what you find out about CBD. I’m not sure it helped me. Maybe some with sleep. But not anxiety or pain.


    1. I am very curious as well. The research is interesting. I know actual cannabis can help me but I only use a minimal amount because I loathe that stoned feeling. So I do wonder if just CBD will have any benefit

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the manual. I really do have a way of poking a bit at everything. I can’t help myself. lol


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