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I have tried more than a few migraine glasses to help with the aggressive photophobia of chronic migraine disease (and photophobia from fibromyalgia actually). All of the FL-41 tints. Various brands and one from my local optometrist. All varied in their variation of the tint because there is no real standard for that tint. But they all reduced the severity of light aggression I had. All varied in cost and quality. Some were better ‘styles’ to wear in the workplace. None of them were strong enough to wear outside. Most sold separate outdoor pairs. Prior to that, I had rose-tinted glasses and blue-blocking tints- which also block blue light to lesser degrees.

Text: Avulux glasses for photophobia and migraine management
Subtext: How migraine glasses can prevent and reduce migraine symptoms.

Photo: me wearing my Avulux migraine specs.

Avulux is not fL-41 tinted lenses. They Do block blue light though. But they do that and More.

Avulux glasses for migraine do block blue light like FL-41 lenses. In fact, they block more blue light and they also block more problematic light in the spectrum while letting in the soothing green light. Some of the research done demonstrated that “white, blue, amber, and red light increased the subjects’ headache pain intensity, while green light was actually shown to reduce pain intensity” Avulux In other words, all the light in the spectrum that is aggravating to us is blocked and the light that soothes us is let in.

I need to draw the distinction between FL-41 glasses and the Avulux glasses because it is a profoundly different experience to wear them. I loved my FL-41 specs. Any reduction in light sensitivity and you would, too. Then you try the Avulux glasses and your mind is just blown. The comparison between the two is just that different.

One thing I should note is the lack of colour distortion with the Avulux glasses. I sort of got used to the FL-41 colour distortion but there were times when I was doing image content creation for my site, or art, where it was problematic. So having no colour distortion is a massive benefit to me. It’s funny because they reflect with a tint, but when you look through them you don’t see that tint.

My experience with the Avulux glasses

In regards to photophobia

It is clear to me these are extremely effective for photophobia. The main test for me is that I had no issues wearing them. No pain or discomfort. But the Real test was wearing them outside. With FL-41 glasses, there are indoor pairs and outdoor pairs. I could never wear my indoor pairs outdoors. They just were not strong enough. And I couldn’t afford another pair specifically for outside. With Avulux glasses, that isn’t necessary. I thought that was intimidating. I am so photosensitive from chronic migraine and fibromyalgia both.

But there I went, strolling out into a bright sunny day, and no discomfort. Frankly, I was astonished. I wasn’t bothered by it at all. It didn’t trigger a migraine at all. I felt totally fine. I went outside with a migraine (about a 6 in intensity) and didn’t scream and run back inside, and it didn’t get worse. This was the more amazing thing to me. I am still amazed by this fact. I wear them outside all the time. I don’t even wear my sunglasses now. I don’t fear the light!

But yes, I also am a writer and a blogger and use the computer a lot. So it also is very effective in reducing pain and discomfort from that. As well as triggering migraine attacks from that. I also let a lot more light into the house with no issues- which pleases my spouse.

I no longer need it dark with only soft indirect light around me at all times. I no longer have Twitter and Facebook on Dark Mode. That made me chuckle. I was like, you know, I will brighten my screen. And you know, I think I’ll go back to the white format. No problem.

So definitely it is managing all my photophobia in a superior fashion. And I have photophobia between migraine attacks, so that is impressive to me.

Migraine treatment

At first, I didn’t notice this because, my goodness, the weather this winter has been nuts with the barometric changes. I also have not been sleeping well. But then, as I wore these every single day all day, I noticed the effect of wearing them to sort of tame my migraine attacks. More so in the sense that I would get the migraine from a trigger I couldn’t control, like weather or hormones, and wearing the glasses would just help maintain the level of pain or ease it. So it wouldn’t amplify as the day went on- which is usually par the course. To the point, my attacks wouldn’t last as long and I could be in mild pain by the end of the day. Or none.

But on days where I wear them in the morning and get a migraine, sometimes that migraine just doesn’t really get that bad. It is there, but it isn’t severely there.

For chronic migraine management, I wear them from the moment I get up to when I go to bed and that is how I find the most benefit. Light is a massive migraine trigger and a massive migraine aggravator. Light can and will trigger a migraine. But it will also make an attack worse and worse when you have it so that we cannot function. If you eliminate painful light you can sometimes really manage the pain level.

Migraine prevention

Okay, get ready for me to Blow Your Mind! Maybe it won’t if you don’t know me, but if you know I get migraine attacks every single day this will blow your mind. I had a 4-day streak of No Migraine attacks AT ALL. And it was flummoxed. Because I hadn’t done anything differently. No new meds, no nothing. Other than wearing Avulux spectacles every day. It was so weird, and wild, and awesome. And I don’t recall a streak of days in a row like that since I became chronic and daily. We are talking decades. Decades, man.

It is like I was on the cusp of a migraine. Like a precursor mild headache, but I just didn’t get an actual migraine. So I think I just caught the attack in time, or something, and held it off all day. So strange and wonderful. And then my streak was broken by hormonal migraines. Boo.

I believe and felt I was on the cusp of a migraine, as usual, and it simply just didn’t trigger at all – and usually, it would.

This brings me to hormonal menstrual migraine attacks. For me, these beasts are not responsive to treatment of any sort and are brutal and intense. So I did have two intense days. But they did respond to triptans. Which was weird. Then today, I am keeping it at about a 5-6 level pain -and that is weird. Of my most brutal attacks… I am managing quite well actually.

Acute attacks

What I have noticed on my pain scale tracking with Avulux is that when I do get migraine attacks:

  1. My intensity has been going down for a good part of the day for about 85% of attacks. Some days I range in the 5-6 pain area without medication and that is not my normal range without medication. I usually run in the pain range of 7-9 at all the times unless, I use medication to reduce it.
  2. Some days, only a part of my day remains in the 7-9 pain range- it feel like the migraine is dampened. So the pain peaks, but the rest of the day, again drops, into a lower pain range.
  3. Another thing of note is that the duration of my attacks is shorter on some days. Not every day. But on some days, I would end the day with no migraine at all. Usually, once it starts- it stays.


I am quite impressed by Avulux overall. So much so, this is going to be a permanent fixture in my life from now on. Just functionality wise, it is really quite amazing how much more time it gives you in that functional level of pain (tolerable level). I can only imagine how much better it would be for someone who

  • a) Actually responds to their preventative medication (unlike me) and
  • b) Doesn’t have a migraine every single day.

I do get severe migraine attacks, don’t get me wrong, as I do have layered triggers. But these spectacles are eliminating one massive trigger and aggravation that is normally really affecting my pain chart for the month:

  1. I have used less overall medication.
  2. I have had migraine-free days (and that migraine-free stretch).
  3. I have had some seriously low pain days.
  4. I have had some shorter duration migraine attacks.

During this test period, I only used the glasses and my medication. No other alternative treatments that would affect my pain chart.

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The Research

Avulux has done 3 independent clinical trials on their glasses and are a Class I medical device in 32 countries. The clinical trials have shown that the glasses are effective for the treatment and prevention of migraine attacks and photophobia relief.

This research is actually really fascinating, you may want to check out their site to learn more. I am just going to go into it briefly as to give you a general idea behind it.

Avulux’s® precision tinted optical lenses are specifically designed to absorb the harmful wavelengths of light that cause migraines (migraine attacks) to begin and worsen, while allowing the beneficial wavelengths of light in. Unlike sunglasses, wearing Avulux® continuously will not make you more sensitive to light, it will not cause dark-adaptation.

The Avulux® lens protects your eyes, and effectively your brain. Avulux’s lenses have been refined to do so without turning your world dark or any uncomfortable color like red, green, or yellow. You’ll probably forget you’re even wearing them as your color perception remains intact and your color contrast increased.


That is on the photophobia side of things. I found this to be quite impressive. First that it blocks more of the intrusive light spectrum and, secondly, that it allows that soothing green light in. I was already aware of the evils of blue light. And aware of how insanely soothing on migraines green light is. And these do more than that. So I was so intrigued to try these glasses for myself.

But the further research on prevention and treatment is what truly impressed me about Avulux glasses.

Here were the conclusions to that research:

Independent clinical studies on the Avulux® lens have shown that:

  • 38% of Avulux® users have their headaches completely disappear before even beginning if Avulux® is worn at the earliest onset of a migraine symptom or a migraine aura.
  • Another 36% have their migraine related symptoms so significantly reduced to the point where they do not need any additional medicine to manage their symptoms.
  • More than 90% of Avulux® users have such dramatic pain relief that they are able to return to their normal activities of daily living.
  • 74% of trial subjects were able to reduce or eliminate their usual amount of migraine medication needed to treat their symptoms, whether oral or injectable.

As you can see from these results, my results align with these pretty well. I have had migraine headaches completely disappear when I wear them right away (as I do). And for me to have any migraine-free days is astonishing really. Especially during this pandemic year which has increased my intensity likely due to stress factors. I also have had my migraine pain and symptoms reduced to the point I have not needed medication (which is awesome since being daily, I can only take a triptan 2 days a week leave a whole lot of days I can’t take medication anyway). I have had my productivity hours increase. I have even been able to reduce my medication during some of the time. That is pretty amazeballs to me.

Rocking the specs!

The fact I look stylin’ in Avulux specs is just a really cool side effect. I have had people comment on how great they look thinking they are just glasses. I love the fact they have a look to them that I could wear to work (if that becomes possible again) or anywhere and still be suitable. My employer had been a bit picky about that. Some of the FL-41 specs I had, they didn’t approve of. The only ones they did were the ones I got from the optometrist because they were regular glasses and were, therefore, appropriate for the office. But these Avulux glasses are versatile. The style is suitable and I wouldn’t have that same issue. They don’t look like sunglasses, for example. Yet have the coverage I like for migraine glasses.

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