Recently our hot water tank died a slow death. So we had to get a new one with no funds to really actually do that. We went with a company that rents them to households and the problem was solved. They had a deal on where they added a soft water system for free. So why not?

I had no idea that soft water would have the impact that it did with my fibromyalgia skin issues but holy smokes it is amazing. And there is a reason for that I will explain. I have extremely sensitive skin. I have mild eczema but also rashes that come and go that my doctor just has no idea what’s up with them. And very dry, itchy skin.

Many people with fibromyalgia have itchy skin and unexplained rashes. Some of us also have eczema. We have a lot of sensitivities as well. For example, I used to experience a lot of scalp itchiness and it turned out it was the SLS put in shampoo and Everything that was causing me problems.

Text: Health benefits of soft water for fibromyalgia sensitive skin and hair
Image: Woman with eyes closed, face over the shoulder. Hand touching shoulder.

Moisturizing skin and sensitive skin

Hard water has more calcium and magnesium content than soft water does. Hard water’s calcium and magnesium content leads to dry, itchy skin. It doesn’t lather as easily… and it leaves a residue on your skin. This can aggravate someone with eczema, psoriasis and sensitive skin.

“Chronic use of hard water for cleansing can irritate the skin and make these conditions worse,” says Mauricio. “For those with really sensitive skin, even laundering clothes in hard water can cause skin irritation.”


It basically makes all our irritations worse. Dries out the skin more, making it itchier. And to magnify the issue, it coats the skin but also gets into the clothes, sheets and everything that touches our skin.


One study that took place in the U.K. found schoolchildren who lived in areas with hard water were 50% more likely to suffer from eczema. Other agencies have identified hard water as an environmental trigger for eczema.


I have mild eczema and I have gotten used to a moisturizing routine after I bathe because my skin is insanely dry. However, since I have had to take baths more than showers since my vertigo has been so severe these last four years I had worse eczema. I had this flare-up in a new place that was severer that I was having issues dealing with.

When we switched to soft water it wasn’t long before my eczema just went away. I am not sure if that is a normal response or a common one but that is what happened with me. It just really moisturizes the skin and without that aggravating residue left behind, it seems nothing irritates my skin.


Because it can clog the pores it can also cause issues with acne.

“Hard water contains minerals; specifically, calcium, magnesium and iron, which can dry your skin. Minerals drying on the skin can clog pores and cause flaking and itching. Hard water also tends to react with soap to form salts, which can also remain on the skin,” says Gupta.


I have noticed this with my monthly acne outbreaks which have just stopped. That was a pleasant surprise. This isn’t really a major issue for me. It is just a hormonal thing. But it was a nice result anyway.


Hard water can be especially irritating to those who already suffer from a skin condition like dermatitis. Dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin, and outbreaks are more common when one suffers from persistently dry skin. While hard water itself doesn’t cause dermatitis, it can irritate the condition or even initiate a flare-up. One of the most common effects of hard water is its ability to dry out the skin and leave it unable to absorb moisture. The combination of hard water with a co-existing dermatitis condition can lead to more frequent and severe outbreaks.


The rash that I get which may be some form of dermatitis and certainly is from some sensitivity went away from using soft water. I have tried so many things for that irritation and nothing ever helped with it. I assumed it was just a fibromyalgia thing and nothing would ever help it. Since my doctor tried more than a few things and I tried so many things. But my skin is so damn sensitive to all sorts of things it is was impossible to even know the Cause. The fact it went away is amazing. I am really happy about that.

Also my skin holds a lot more moisture and I am not so itchy anymore which is a relief for sure. I always moisturized after a bath, which is recommended for dry, itchy skin. It just never seemed to be enough. But soft water just keeps all the moisture in already.

Healthier hair

With hard water, it is harder to lather soap and shampoo. Harder to rinse both off as well. It can cause shampoo build-up in the hair. It makes it dull and dry.

If you dye your hair it can cause it to fade faster. I didn’t know this and good to know.

It can cause your scalp to be dry and itchy. I have had this issue as does my spouse so this is something soft water benefits us for sure. it could be my reaction to SLS in shampoo was the left in buildup of it on my scalp- since I am clearly sensitive to that chemical.

Soft water rinses shampoo out preventing buildup. I notice it seems to make my hair quite soft and curl easier as well.

Softening your water

  • You can install a water softener system
  • You can install a water softening shower head that filters out these minerals- which is much more cost effective
  • For a bath- add bath salts which release sodium and potassium ions that replace the calcium and magnesium.
  • For a bath- add baking soda- this doesn’t soften the water really but it does make your skin softer. Add 1/2 a cup to a bath for this method.

The most recommended filter for softening I found is AquaBliss Multi-stage Shower filter

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7 thoughts on “Health benefits of soft water for fibromyalgia sensitive skin and hair

  1. We had VERY hard water at our previous home. It rusted our clothing! We had to get two water softeners to filter it. My scalp was an itchy and had open sores. What a difference it made once we got the softeners!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ours is pretty hard here. Calcium build up was a real hassle to clean off of appliances, the sink, tub and build up on the water heater. But yeah I had no idea it was aggravating my sensitive skin to the degree it was. I mean Wow.


  2. This made me go research a little on my own country’s water! It’s moderately soft and lots are recycled. I know hard water can be a big problem in other countries in terms of the issues you mentioned. Thanks for sharing your experiences with soft and hard water, was a really interesting read!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope that helps! I was pretty surprised I was having such a reaction to hard water but then with fibro skin sensitivities I guess I shouldn’t have been.


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