“I have been given this product as part of a product review. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.”

I started using the Mayv app every single day to see what it would do to help improve my overall well-being. You see for me, I believe fundamentally with chronic illness if I make any small improvement in well-being I will gain a bit in quality of life, fulfillment, life satisfaction and factors that help me improve my resilience and capacity to cope with my illnesses. I believe I am an embodied being of mind, body and spirit all intertwined together and I have to address my entire being. Medication is just a small fraction of my overall treatment strategy. That is why a company like Mayv is well suited to me.

Their main site is Mayv. And on the site there is an abundance of information you can take a look at. Including a lot of great articles to explore on the main site.

The Mayv Aop and CBD products
Title: Pursuing better well-being with Mayv and developing healthy habits
Image: Mayv box with CBD in it

The Mayv App

The app is what I use every single day though. I use it for lessons and meditations.

The foundation courses

The app takes you through lessons on the mind/body connection, using mindfulness, and thinking about your physical environment, the nature of pain. The lessons will get you thinking and I that is important. Also they will help you with some coping strategies that you may not have considered. Anything I can add to the strategies I have, the better.

Deep dives

These are into topics of:

  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Sleep
  • Relationships
  • Self-compassion
  • Advanced mindfulness techniques

Daily mindful activities

These are in:

  • Focused attention exercises
  • Breath meditations
  • Visualization methods
  • Mindful eating

I do the breath awareness all the time. And explore the others as I go.

Quick relief tool

These are interesting to explore. I use the Binaural beats and Breathing ones regularly.

Relaxation breathing and meditation

Before using the app I did do both of these and I liked both of them for pain management. I just didn’t do them regularly on a routine. With Mayv I learned more methods and I became consistent with my mediation every single morning. And relaxation breathing as needed throughout the day. My morning ritual is very calming, centering and sort of unwinds my body.

This app is awesome for beginners because it guides you into the process. And it is awesome for chronic pain because it helps you with all the obstacles to meditation that we have- position issues, intrusive thoughts, the Pain itself. And the fact from the get-go we can’t just jump into a long duration of meditation. If this is something you have tried and it just didn’t seem to work for you I recommend this app highly for you to try again because it really is the perfect guide for us. It is designed for us. I do love how it helped me establish a routine, stick to it, and develop my meditation skills as I went along.

Some of the lessons that Mayv goes through have to do with our environment. Things like the effects of nature on us and even just plants in our house. To considerations for the environment we meditate in. And considerations to how we see and feel about our environment- how de-cluttering slowly can help.


They offer CBD products to try with your other strategies and I have been trying the CBD tincture. I take it every morning as directed; under the tongue and let it sit there a bit to absorb. I have only ever tried one CBD tincture before and it was not pleasant tasting. This one is very mild tasting so I do not even mind it at all, or notice it. So that is awesome.

They have a relaxing CBD Tincture recording to listen to when you take it. I tend to take it in the evening because I want the relaxing and possible sleep benefits of CBD. But if I am in a lot of pain in the morning I will switch that up.

I have been taking the CBD consistently and it does seem to have stress/anxiety/sleep benefits. Research suggests it might have anti-inflammatory benefits and if so it might be helping with some of that pain as well. On bad pain days though I admit a little THC (in small amounts, as it is legal here) with the CBD tends to make it more effective for my overall pain. However, by itself, it seems to have its own benefits worth perusing.

See my post on: Chronic pain CBD, THC and CBD/THC


This post isn’t so much of a review as a recommendation. I found a lot of value in the Mayv site and app and I am not done with the lessons yet, or digging through all it has to offer. I was going to wait until I had but it is a big pool they have to swim in here. A whole lot to offer people with chronic pain. So I recommend it for people with chronic pain to check out. Those who are new to having to cope with chronic pain definitely but even people like me who have had it for decades and are looking to refine and adapt our coping skills and strategies. Or looking for a little structure in our strategies. I really dig it because I see a whole lot of value in the app and site for people with chronic pain.

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